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What's new in the latest Big Data Cloud Service-Compute Edition Release

Andrei Puiu
Social Media Manager

Big Data Cloud Service – Compute Edition new release update version 17.2.5 is generally available.

What’s New:

  • Big Data File System: Big Data Cloud Service - Compute Edition includes the Oracle Big Data File System (BDFS), an in-memory file system with support for tiered storage that accelerates access to data stored in Cloud Storage and enables Big Data workloads to run much faster. Customers no longer have to choose between the performance of a HDFS based Data Lake and the agility/lower-cost of a Cloud Storage based Data Lake.
  • Bootstrap Scripts: Bootstrap Script feature is available with the release 17.2.5. Bootstrap scripts help customers to spin up customized big data clusters.  This capability helps customers to install binaries, load data/libraries, customize configurations and/or perform any other action (that can be executed through script) after the default cluster provisioning. A sample bootstrap illustrating the install of R is also included.
  • MapReduce Jobs: Previous release supported creation and running of MapReduce Jobs as an experimental feature.   This MapReduce feature in the current release is no more experimental and is in production. Customers can submit MapReduce jobs using big data cluster console, the REST API or CLI (Command Line Interface)

Highlights since GA

  • Deployment Profiles: Deployment Profiles are pre-defined set of services optimized for specific use case or workload. This helps users to avoid the complexity of choosing various Hadoop components for their big data workloads.
  • High Performance Block Storage: Now customers can utilize High Performance SSDs in conjunction with their Big Data - Compute Edition clusters. (Part # B87608)
  • Cloud@Customer: Oracle Cloud Machine X6 supports Big Data Cloud Service –Compute Edition deployment. Starting FY18 BDCS-CE runs on Oracle Cloud Machine (OCM). Customers that can’t go to public cloud for various reasons now can leverage BDCS-CE running on OCM in Customers’ data center. BDCS-CE can be consumed both as subscriptions and as a metered capacity on the OCM.
  • Additional Hadoop Components: Big Data Cloud Service-Compute Edition continues to add support for additional Hadoop components. Since GA, we have added support for Apache Hive, Apache Spark-R and Apache Mahout in BDCS-CE. The Apache Zeppelin version has also been updated to Zeppelin 0.7.x

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