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  • September 2, 2016

Three Successful Customers Using IoT and Big Data

Peter Jeffcock
Big Data Product Marketing

When I wrote about the convergence of IoT and big data I mentioned that we have successful customers. Here I want to pick three that highlight different aspects of the complete story. There are a lot of different components to a complete big data solution. These customers are using different pieces of the Oracle solution, integrating them with existing software and processes. 

Gemü manufactures precision valves used to make things like pharmaceuticals. As you can imagine, it's critical that valves operate correctly to avoid adding too much or too little of an active ingredient. So Gemü turned to the Oracle IoT Cloud Service to help the monitor those valves in use in their customers' production lines. This data helps Gemü and their partners ensure the quality of their product. And over time, this data will enable them to predict failures or even the onset of out of tolerance performance. Predictive maintenance is a potentially powerful new capability and enables Gemü to maintain the highest levels of quality and safety.

From small valves to the largest machine on the planet: the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. There are many superlatives about this system. Their cryogenics system is also the largest in the world, and has to keep 36,000 tons of superconducting magnets at 1.9K (-271.3 Celsius) using 120 tons of liquid helium. Failures in that system can be costly. They've had problems with a weasel and a baguette, both of which are hard to predict, but other failures could potentially be stopped. Which is why CERN is using Big Data Discovery to help them understand what's going on with their cryogenics system. They are also using predictive analytics with the ultimate goal of predicting failures before they happen, and avoiding the two months it can take to warm up systems long enough to make even a basic repair, before cooling them down again.

And finally this one.

IoT and big data working together can help a plane to fly, a valve to make pharmaceuticals, and the world's largest machine to stay cool. What can we do for you?

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