Saturday Aug 15, 2015

Utilities Are Getting Smarter Using Big Data, from WSJ. Custom Studios

Utilities gather huge amounts of operational and customer data but struggle to apply data to solve critical business problems.  Utilities that are on the cutting edge of developing such cultures are applying analytics to new uses and new kinds of data, especially with smart metering.

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Telecommunications: Timing Is Everything, from WSJ. Custom Studios

Telecommunications companies use big data to make customers happier—and save lives. They collect more information about customers than almost any other industry with location based services  and are eager to draw more intelligence from their great reservoirs of data.

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Retailers Get Personal: Improving the Customer Experience, from WSJ. Custom Studios

The retail industry needs to manage and analyze big data online and offline which is key to pacifying evermore finicky customers and addressing “omnichannel shopping.”

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Manufacturing and the Search for More Intelligence, from WSJ. Custom Studios

More than any other industry, the manufacturing industry puts a high priority on drawing intelligence from their big-data stores to improve productivity, processes, and supply chains.

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Health Care Looks to Unlock the Value of Data, from WSJ. Custom Studios

The health care industry faces numerous challenges, and health care companies see data and analytics as a path to resolving them—from improving clinical practices to increasing business efficiencies. Health care providers are facing a growing need to manage costs and understand patients more holistically to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes.

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Financial Services Strengthen Customer Relationships Through Data from WSJ. Custom Studios

The financial services relies on strong customer relationships to drive revenue growth. To preserve and promote these relationships, financial institutions must be able to provide the right products and services to cater to its customers’ needs and find insights on customer behavior and preference through analytics to do so.
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Friday Aug 14, 2015

Converting Big Data into Economic Value from WSJ. Custom Studios

Oracle recently commissioned Wall Street Journal Custom Studios and Ipsos to research the biggest opportunities, challenges, and areas of investment with big data. You can read the global summary of the research, “Data Mastery: The Global Driver of Revenue,” and snapshot here.

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Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

Oracle Named World Leader in the Decision Management Platform

Oracle Real Time Decisions is recognized as first to market and market share leader by IDC for the Decision Management platformBy operationalizing big data analytics at the point of interaction, organizations of all sizes can feel confident that they can see real and impressive business benefits from these solutions today. 

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Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

Production workloads blend Cloud and On-Premise Capabilities

The last in the series of blog posts on our predictions for 2015.[Read More]

Thursday Feb 19, 2015

Self-service discovery will come to big data in 2015

Oracle predicts 2015 is the year self-service discovery and visualization tools for big data analytics 
will finally be practical for business. Available now, Oracle Big Data Discovery is designed to be "the visual face of Hadoop."  

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Thursday Sep 18, 2014

Don’t Miss Big Data Central at Oracle OpenWorld 2014!

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is fast approaching! Don't miss out on exciting big data presentations from Oracle executives, customers and partners![Read More]

Wednesday Jun 25, 2014

Govern and Secure Big Data for the Enterprise

What if you could take the security of Oracle Database and extend it to Hadoop? You could get authentication of users, authorized access to data, and redaction of private information like passwords or personal data. You could even audit who did what and when.

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Friday May 02, 2014

3 Keys For Using Big Data Effectively for Enhanced Customer Experience

As organizations focus on growth and differentiation by improving the customer experience, they are looking into ways to leverage and integrate big data.  In the webcast, Turning Big Data into Real-Time Action for a Greater Customer Experience, there are three key practices discussed to maximize the value of big data in 1) Know Your Customer 2) Capture, Analyze & Act Fast and 3) Empower Employees & Systems.  

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Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

Real-Time Responses

For an organization to respond in real-time it needs to have systems that must detect, analyze, and act with greater automation making more big data practical and operational. New research from James Taylor discusses how to find value in fast-moving data, high-ROI use cases, and the five essential elements of technology required. 

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Tuesday Mar 25, 2014

Big Data @ Work Turning Customer Interactions into Opportunities

A new Big Data @ Work whitepaper explores how technology is increasingly disrupting customer interactions and how big data holds the key to unlocking a superior customer experience.  Learn how a few successful organizations are dramatically compressing or eliminating the time from data acquisition to analysis to actions for greater personalization and outstanding results.
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