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  • July 16, 2014

Oracle's Key SI Partners on Big Data SQL

Peter Jeffcock
Big Data Product Marketing

My colleague, Brad Tewksbury, has spent a lot of time recently with our key SI partners briefing them on Oracle Big Data SQL, and discussing what that means for our joint customers:

When talking with customers about current or future plans for big data, inevitably the conversation comes back to, “what really constitutes Big Data”? While a variety of definitions fly around the room there is no consensus until the conversation turns to “Data Management”. In this context all agree when big data is broken down to a data management discussion they feel comfortable exploring how improvements to their data management practices (RDBMS, Hadoop and No SQL data) can unleash new insight and eventual monetization of their data.

Among the inhibitors to moving many big data projects beyond “discovery” phase has been lack of skill sets to embrace new software frameworks such as hadoop, proven enterprise security on hadoop and a data management best practice which minimizes data movement without sacrificing performance. Oracle Big Data SQL strives to solve all these issues with the additional promise of “one fast SQL query on all data”.

Oracle’s system integrators have been at the forefront of the big data discussion and have experienced first-hand the issues I present above. Below, we hear their thoughts and more on how Oracle Big Data SQL can begin to move “big data” data management project forward to deliver on the promise of faster analytics and new insights for our joint customers, when querying ALL data types.

Brad Tewksbury

Senior Director Business Development

Oracle Big Data

“Oracle Big Data SQL takes TCO to realization. Our customers will be able to harvest rapid ROI, being able to leverage existing skill sets across their Big Data environments changes the current resource support needs and cost structures required to leverage a Big Data strategy. One query with existing and readily available resources against comprehensive Big Data architectures is a major step towards simplicity and clarity in these times of fearful and complex rapidly growing data environments.”

Andrew Cameron

VP of Business Information Management


“Oracle’s announcement today on Big Data SQL, provides a significant opportunity to help our joint clients simplify and improve their data management platforms and begin to achieve meaningful value from their big data projects. With the explosion of the Internet of Things and the corresponding exponential growth of connected devices, the need to implement and integrate big data solutions alongside traditional corporate relational systems is increasing tremendously. Being able to write one query to access any data within a customers’ IT organization (structured or unstructured, SQL or No SQL) will allow us to achieve our goals of continuing to lead our clients to faster, better insights and monetization of data.”

Troy Lutes

Hitachi Consulting

Senior Vice President & Global Practice Leader – Oracle Solutions

“The announcement of Oracle Big Data SQL will further enhance our Oracle Engineered Systems and Analytics practices, specifically as we engage in big data, data management projects affording our joint customers faster discovery and insight against all data within their IT department. Furthermore, Oracle Big Data SQL is designed to work with 12c and it complements the new 12c features In-Memory and Multitenant, and so as we strive to help our joint customers simplify their IT, this will help them monetize their data faster.”

William Awad

Infrastructure Services –

Oracle Engineered Systems Global Lead


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