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How to Make the Most of Oracle Cloud Day

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Bob Dutcher, VP of Product Marketing for Analytics and Big Data, gave the keynote at last year’s Oracle Cloud Day events in Dallas and Toronto.

"It's a great event. You're getting people coming to this event with a wide variety of titles, from IT to business titles, from individual contributors to CEOs, and from all industries. So, it's great kind of mixing pot," Dutcher said.

Oracle Cloud Day

Now, after seeing Oracle Cloud Day from the inside, we caught up with Dutcher to see if he had any advice for this year's participants. Turns out, Dutcher has three great tips for both first-time and returning attendees.

Dive Into What's New

"What I get really excited about is the broad range of innovations on display at Cloud Days," Dutcher said.

Of course, autonomous technology is at the top of that list. With its self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities, Oracle Autonomous Database is a game changer for businesses. Cloud Day offers a fantastic opportunity to really understand how the database uses machine learning and automation to eliminate complexity and manual management, so organizations can boost reliability, security, and operational efficiency.

Oracle Autonomous Database might be at the top of the list, but, as Bob noted, Oracle is featuring a long list of innovations throughout the day. "You'll see AI is embedded throughout our entire portfolio," Dutcher said. "You'll get to see we're also still innovating when it comes to cloud-based technologies and how we're bringing better security to the cloud."

But that isn't the only place you'll find AI and machine learning.

As part of the Analytics and Big Data portfolio, Oracle experts will be discussing new and updated products that facilitate the journey to both augmented analytics and augmented data management. They'll also cover varied machine learning technologies for anyone interested in creating, managing, and deploying machine learning models—whether that's IT, data scientists, DBAs, or application developers.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As a Cloud Day attendee, it's tempting to want to stay focused on a specific area of interest, but Dutcher recommends taking a broader look.

"For example, if your company is primarily on prem, talk to us about the cloud. Even if that's something that you're looking at in the future, it can help guide your corporate strategy," Dutcher said. "If you already have some analytics structure in your company, still ask what Oracle is doing around analytics, around big data, around database, around data management."

Dutcher pointed out that with such a broad range of products, what Oracle's doing is really a microcosm of what's happening in tech. Cloud Day truly does give you a chance to see the 10,000-foot view, then dive into areas you want to know more about.

Don't Forget to Network

Outside of the great keynote, talks, and custom tracks, Dutcher advised Cloud Day attendees not to forget about the other great resources at the event—other attendees. With so many people coming from so many different backgrounds, Dutcher himself said he had a great time seeing what other folks were up to, getting feedback, and hearing about what's on people's minds.

On the best way to network, Dutcher said, "Everybody there is in the same situation. They're looking for information. They're looking to understand best practices. So, the best thing is, take advantage of the receptions, the food breaks, et cetera, and just walk up to people and start chatting. That's what I do. It works great."

For more information about Oracle Cloud Day and how to register, visit the Oracle Cloud Day website.

Guest author Amanda O'Callaghan is a content strategist at Oracle with a passion for creating quality, customer-focused experiences.

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