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Harness the Power of Big Data

Companies today have built a voracious appetite for data and insights. They demand information at their fingertips, but face the growing complexities of data ingestion, data processing, data management, and data security. Here's where most companies find their dreams for agility come to a screeching halt.

Time to Crack the Code

Business and IT leaders can together untangle this challenging situation by finding the answer to the fundamental question: How can my company best harness the power of data in a way that easily delivers real-time, streamlined insights without compromising security?

It's time to crack the code and see how companies like CaixaBank have reaped the fruits of success.


Removing the Complexity: You Need Data that Listens to You

For businesses to succeed, they need the speed and simplicity of the public cloud. Specifically, users need to be able to grow storage capacity or increase compute on-demand without needing to configure for peak workloads. The challenge is that most companies face cloud compliance or corporate policy regulations that inhibit the effective use of public cloud services.

So teams end up building their own private cloud in an attempt to run large and diverse data workloads at speed and scale. But that often results in the purchase of complex infrastructure that is difficult to maintain, patch, and upgrade. This runs counter to what organizations actually wants to do—which is getting to extract their data ASAP.

What enterprises end up with is a complex data environment that is hard to manage and control. Data-driven leaders find themselves with an abyss of uncooperative data that doesn't listen to their analytical needs.

The Good News

The winners are those who can combine the data sources they want into the shape they need for the task at hand; they achieve data liquidity. In the past, the public cloud had been great for data liquidity because the public cloud is an elastic and easy to provision service that scales up and down as needed and users only need to pay on a per-usage basis. But today's policies often demand that data stay behind the firewall and this eliminates the long-term option of leveraging the public cloud.

The good news? Enterprises can finally securely manage large data workloads with ease and speed as well as deliver actionable insights by tapping into the Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine. Customers like CaixaBank rely on the Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine to enjoy the same on-demand, subscription benefits of the public cloud in their data center behind their firewall.

Now, companies can rapidly unleash the value of data with ease by leveraging the latest addition to Oracle's cloud offering—the Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine.

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