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June 20, 2014 By: Peter Jeffcock

Oracle Exadata is our engineered system optimized to run Oracle Database as fast and efficiently as possible. There are some optimizations that Exadata uses to speed up queries. One of them is called Smart Scan.

The big bottleneck in completing a query is moving data around. Imagine that in order to complete your query, you needed sales figures for just one US state. Traditionally the database would load all the sales figures into the server and process it there. Smart Scan pushes that processing down to the storage server holding the data. Processing is done locally, and the storage server returns only the needed data from that one state. Data movement is minimized, and the query returns much faster.

In the big data world, your data is even more distributed. In particular, you will have data in both Hadoop and Oracle Database that you need to join. If you could increase the processing done locally, data movement would be minimized and queries run much faster.

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