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DX Marketing Combines Power of Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics

Michael Chen
Senior Manager
For most businesses, getting the most out of data means assembling the right tools needed for the development of deep insights. But what happens when your entire business is about doing that for others? Suddenly, your data isn’t just your own internal dataset, but every client’s dataset too. Data management suddenly becomes much more complicated.

The team at DX Marketing (DXM), an award-winning insights company with offices in Greenville, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, found themselves in that exact predicament. As a company focused on providing data-driven digital marketing, every individual client account was essentially a new source of big data.

Data is inherent in everything DXM does. Its products involve collecting data for clients, analyzing that data, and then leveraging it into predictive models, all to deliver insights fulfilling specific end goals. This could be increasing conversion, predicting audience behavior in specific channels, maximizing ROI, entering a new geographic market, or all of the above. With so many data sources, DXM needed a platform to unify it all. Without that, hours of work were wasted performing logistical tasks such as data consolidation and preparation.

To make matters more complicated, several other factors entered the equation. For the most accurate predictive insights for customers, DXM licensed US consumer data from Epsilon. This refreshed the demographic dataset every six weeks. When combined together, it created an intense process for correlation working across datasets. Other logistical factors included being Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant regarding security protocols, and providing cloud-based access for a broad team of analysts and data scientists—preferably with an easy-to-learn interface and report generation that could enable greater flexibility in resource usage. In addition, the DXM team wanted to explore the idea of machine learning and artificial intelligence to expedite data preparation and analysis.

In short, it was a lot. And the amount of data coming in wasn't getting any easier to manage; in fact, as the calendar continued to turn, the data volume followed the worldwide trend of increasing as time moved on. What product could fulfill all of DXM’s needs?

As it turned out, the answer was not a single product but a pair of products working seamlessly together. That’s why DXM went with Oracle’s winning combination of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics.

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A Unified Oracle Platform to Handle Big Data

Let’s examine all these needs one by one:

  • Consolidate Many Data Sources: Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse acts as a smart repository for DXM's many data sources, including the Epsilon demographic updates that arrived every six weeks.
  • Maintain HIPAA Security Protocols: 1996's HIPAA law establishes privacy and security rules for electronic health records. Oracle's platform offers protocol compliance in accordance with AICPA SSAE 18, AT-C sections 205 and 315, among many other global security compliances in defense, finance, and other industries. In addition, because data stays within a single environment rather than being transferred around for processing, risk is inherently minimized.
  • Gain Cloud Access: DXM stressed the need for team members to have access. Fortunately, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud natively provide this, ensuring the access and flexibility required by DXM to keep projects on schedule.
  • Employ Easy-to-Use Interface: Oracle's platform stresses usability. In particular, Oracle Analytics Cloud makes it easy for business users to create in-depth reports and develop insights without the depth of knowledge of an IT staff member or a data scientist.
  • Harness Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Both Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud use embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence in different ways to make the lives of users easier. As a self-running platform, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse configures and runs smoother, in addition to expediting the data ingestion and preparation process. For Oracle Analytics Cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence simplify the data analysis process, speeding up basic tasks while generating new insights.

By combining two powerful Oracle platforms into a single data machine, DXM quickly saw improvements on all levels. Starting with everyday tasks and going all the way to client data, results rolled in for DXM’s two pilot programs. In fact, within six months, customer acquisition cost decreased by 52%, deliverables sped up by 70%, and revenue grew by 25%. How satisfied was DXM with its investment? “It’s been an invaluable tool for us,” says Ray Owens, CEO of DX Marketing. “We’re already, just literally six months in, utilizing some of the key features that we probably wouldn’t have picked up on with traditional database routines.”

To get the full scoop on how DXM made the most out of its Oracle technology, download the complete customer success story or watch the video. And for more about how you can benefit from Oracle Big Data, visit Oracle’s Big Data page—and don't forget to subscribe to the Oracle Big Data blog to get the latest posts sent to your inbox.

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