Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Experimental data labs take off 2016

Expect a proliferation of data lab experiments to take off beyond the realm of the data scientists and into data factories of real-time production as firms try to identify hotspots for algorithmic advantage faster than the competition.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Big Data For All? Oracle's 2016 Top 10 Predictions

The push to make big data more mainstream will get stronger in 2016. #1 of the Top 10 Predictions is Data civilians operate more like data scientists.

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Monday Jan 11, 2016

DIY for IT is not like going to the hardware store

Painting a room? Your local hardware store can help. Building an enterprise class Hadoop cluster? Oracle can do that for you quicker and cheaper than you can. [Read More]

Data Swamps Try Provenance to Clear Things Up

Data lineage used to be a nice-to-have capability because so much of the data feeding corporate dashboards came from trusted data warehouses. But in the big data era data lineage is a must-have because customers are mashing up company data with third-party data sets. Some of these new combinations incorporate high-quality, vendor-verified data. But others will use data that’s not officially perfect, but good for prototyping. When surprisingly valuable findings come from these opportunistic explorations, managers will look to the lineage to know how much work is required to raise it to production-quality levels.[Read More]

Friday Jan 08, 2016

BIWA Summit'16 - Big Data + Analytics User Conference Jan 26-28, @ Oracle HQ Conference Center

BIWA Summit 2016 – Big Data + Analytics 3-Day User Conference at Oracle HQ Conference Center has a great lineup! [Read More]

Monday Jan 04, 2016

On Graph Databases and Cats

Elephants for Hadoop; cats for graph databases and analytics?[Read More]

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Big Made Great – Big Data from the Biggest Data Company…Oracle

This year’s big data discussions at Oracle OpenWorld will center on how the biggest data company is able to make big data effective in the enterprise. Perspectives from Oracle product executive and customers will shed light on big data strategies and best practices for approaching your enterprise infrastructure, data management, security and governance and analytics. Don't miss these key big data sessions at Oracle OpenWorld![Read More]

Thursday Sep 24, 2015

Biggest Data Company @Strata+Hadoop NY

Strata+Hadoop World September 29–October 1 at the Javits Center in New York is fast approaching and you will not want to miss learning about Big Data Cloud Services from the Biggest Data Company!

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Tuesday Sep 22, 2015

Big Data SQL Cloud Service. What's Different?

Like Oracle's entire cloud platform, Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service is the same as the on-premises equivalent.[Read More]

Monday Sep 21, 2015

Rocana partners with Oracle, supports Oracle Big Data Appliance

Guest post from Rocana about their partnership with Oracle[Read More]

Monday Sep 14, 2015

Ovum: Thriving in Age of Big Data Analytics & Self-Service

Traditional business intelligence has been reshaped with more agile technology and cultures.  New Ovum research describes how people can be empowered to seize on the big data analytic opportunities with intuitive, visual, and secure discovery approaches.  

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Friday Sep 11, 2015

Oracle Big Data Discovery v1.1 is Ready

Oracle Big Data Discovery version 1.1 is now generally available. This release extends Oracle's innovation in big data analytics by combining the best open-source and Oracle technologies for business users to more productive and independent.

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Saturday Aug 15, 2015

Utilities Are Getting Smarter Using Big Data, from WSJ. Custom Studios

Utilities gather huge amounts of operational and customer data but struggle to apply data to solve critical business problems.  Utilities that are on the cutting edge of developing such cultures are applying analytics to new uses and new kinds of data, especially with smart metering.

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Telecommunications: Timing Is Everything, from WSJ. Custom Studios

Telecommunications companies use big data to make customers happier—and save lives. They collect more information about customers than almost any other industry with location based services  and are eager to draw more intelligence from their great reservoirs of data.

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Retailers Get Personal: Improving the Customer Experience, from WSJ. Custom Studios

The retail industry needs to manage and analyze big data online and offline which is key to pacifying evermore finicky customers and addressing “omnichannel shopping.”

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