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Internet of Things and Big Data - Better Together

What's the difference between the Internet of Things and Big Data? That's not really the best question to ask, because these two are much more alike than they...

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DIY Hadoop: Proceed At Your Own Risk

Could your security and performance be in jeopardy? Nearly half (3.2 billion, or 45%) of the seven billion people in the world used the Internet in 2015,...

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The Surprising Economics of Engineered Systems

The title's not mine. It comes from a video done for us by ESG, based on their white paper, which looks at the TCO of building your own Hadoop cluster vs...

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Predictions for Big Data Security in 2016

Leading into 2016, Oracle made ten big data predictions, and one in particular around security. We are nearly four months into the year and we've seen these...

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Delegation and (Data) Management

Every business book you read talks about delegation. It's a core requirement for successful managers: surround yourself with good people, delegate authority and...

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Accelerating SQL Queries that Span Hadoop and Oracle Database

It's hard to deliver "one fast, secure SQL query on allyour data". If you look around you'll find lots of "SQL on Hadoop" implementations which are unaware of...

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Oracle Big Data SQL 3.0 adds support for Hortonworks Data Platform and commodity clusters

Big Data SQL has been out for nearly two years and version 3.0 is a major update. In addition to increasing performance (next post) we've added support for...

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