Wednesday May 25, 2016

DIY Hadoop: Proceed At Your Own Risk

Could your security and performance be in jeopardy?

Nearly half (3.2 billion, or 45%) of the seven billion people in the world used the Internet in 2015, according to a BBC news report. If you think all those people generate a huge amount of data (in the form of website visits, clicks, likes, tweets, photos, online transactions, and blog posts), wait for the data explosion that will happen when the Internet of Things (IoT) meets the Internet of People. Gartner, Inc. forecast that there will be twice as many--6.4 billion--Internet-connected gadgets (everything from light bulbs to baby diapers to connected cars) in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015, and will reach over 20 billion by 2020.

Companies of all sizes and in virtually every industry are struggling to manage the exploding amounts of data. To cope with the problem, many organizations are turning to solutions based on Apache Hadoop, the popular open-source software framework for storing and processing massive datasets. But purchasing, deploying, configuring, and fine-tuning a do-it-yourself (DIY) Hadoop cluster to work with your existing infrastructure can be much more challenging than many organizations expect, even if your company has the specialized skills needed to tackle the job.  

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Tuesday Mar 29, 2016

The surprising economics of engineered systems

Better, faster, cheaper, pick any two. So goes the saying. But what if you could pick all three?[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Predictions for Big Data Security in 2016

Leading into 2016, Oracle made ten big data predictions, and one in particular around security.  We are nearly four months into the year and we've seen these predictions coming to light. 

Increase in regulatory protections of personal information

Early February saw the creation of the Federal Privacy Council, "which will bring together the privacy officials from across the Government to help ensure the implementation of more strategic and comprehensive Federal privacy guidelines.  Like cyber security, privacy must be effectively and continuously addressed as our nation embraces new technologies, promotes innovation, reaps the benefits of big data and defends against evolving threats."

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation is a reform of EU's 1995 data protection rules (Directive 95/46/EC). Their Big Data fact sheet was put forth to help promote the new regulations. "A plethora of market surveys and studies show that the success of providers to develop new services and products using big data is linked to their capacity to build and maintain consumer trust." As a timeline, the EU expects adoption in Spring 2016 and enforcement will begin two years later in Spring 2018.

Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission announced a proposal to restrict Internet providers' ability to share the information they collect about what their customers do online with advertisers and other third parties.

Increase use of classification systems that categorize data into groups with pre-defined policies for access, redaction and masking. 

Infosecurity Magazine article highlights the challenge of data growth and the requirement for classification: "As storage costs dropped, the attention previously shown towards deleting old or unnecessary data has faded. However, unstructured data now makes up 80% of non-tangible assets, and data growth is exploding. IT security teams are now tasked with protecting everything forever, but there is simply too much to protect effectively – especially when some of it is not worth protecting at all."

The three benefits of classification highlighted include the ability to raise security awareness, prevent data loss, and address records management regulations. All of these are legitimate benefits of data classification that organizations should consider. Case in point, Oracle customer Union Investment increased agility and security by automatically processing investment fund data within their proprietary application, including complex asset classification with up to 500 data fields, which were previously distributed to IT staff using spreadsheets.

Continuous cyber-threats will prompt companies to both tighten security, as well as audit access and use of data.

This is sort of a no-brainer. We know more breaches are coming, such as here, here and here. And we know companies increase security spending after they experience a data breach or witness one close to home. Most organizations now know that completely eliminating the possibility of a data breach is impossible, and therefore, appropriate detective capabilities are more important than ever. We must act as if the bad guys are on our network and then detect their presence and respond accordingly. 

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Thursday Mar 17, 2016

Delegation and (Data) Management

Big Data SQL accelerates cross-platform queries by delegating.[Read More]

Accelerating SQL Queries that Span Hadoop and Oracle Database

Big Data SQL 3.0 further improves the "fast" part of "one fast, secure SQL query on all your data"[Read More]

Oracle Big Data SQL 3.0 adds support for Hortonworks Data Platform and commodity clusters

Two big changes for Oracle Big Data SQL 3.0. We've added support for non-engineered systems, which means that any Cloudera or Hortonworks clusters can be linked with Oracle Database 12c running on any hardware. And we've improved performance (next post).[Read More]

Monday Mar 14, 2016

Learn Predictive Analytics in 2 Days - New Oracle University Course!

New Predictive Analytics using Oracle Data Mining Ed 1 training will review the basic concepts of data mining. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to leverage the predictive analytical power of Oracle Data Mining, a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics option.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 03, 2016

Links to Presentations: BIWA Summit'16 - Big Data + Analytics User Conference Jan 26-28, @ Oracle HQ Conference Center

Links to Presentations:  BIWA Summit'16 - Big Data + Analytics User Conference Jan 26-28, @ Oracle HQ Conference Center

Mark your calendars for BIWA Summit'17 - Jan 31, Feb. 1-2, 2017 at Oracle HQ Conference Center! 

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Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Experimental data labs take off 2016

Expect a proliferation of data lab experiments to take off beyond the realm of the data scientists and into data factories of real-time production as firms try to identify hotspots for algorithmic advantage faster than the competition.[Read More]

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

IoT + Cloud = Drives Bigger, Big Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next big wave of real technological change, and it’s a wave that’s rolling in fast.
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Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Big Data For All? Oracle's 2016 Top 10 Predictions

The push to make big data more mainstream will get stronger in 2016. #1 of the Top 10 Predictions is Data civilians operate more like data scientists.

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Monday Jan 11, 2016

DIY for IT is not like going to the hardware store

Painting a room? Your local hardware store can help. Building an enterprise class Hadoop cluster? Oracle can do that for you quicker and cheaper than you can. [Read More]

Data Swamps Try Provenance to Clear Things Up

Data lineage used to be a nice-to-have capability because so much of the data feeding corporate dashboards came from trusted data warehouses. But in the big data era data lineage is a must-have because customers are mashing up company data with third-party data sets. Some of these new combinations incorporate high-quality, vendor-verified data. But others will use data that’s not officially perfect, but good for prototyping. When surprisingly valuable findings come from these opportunistic explorations, managers will look to the lineage to know how much work is required to raise it to production-quality levels.[Read More]

Friday Jan 08, 2016

BIWA Summit'16 - Big Data + Analytics User Conference Jan 26-28, @ Oracle HQ Conference Center

BIWA Summit 2016 – Big Data + Analytics 3-Day User Conference at Oracle HQ Conference Center has a great lineup! [Read More]

Monday Jan 04, 2016

On Graph Databases and Cats

Elephants for Hadoop; cats for graph databases and analytics?[Read More]

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