Friday Apr 17, 2015

Unmask Your Data. The Visual Face of Hadoop (part 5 of 5)

Imagine if you could discover data in Hadoop by blending, analyzing, and visualizing it.  What if you could also share insight and data from Hadoop securely with everyone in your organization?  You now can with Oracle Big Data Discovery.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 16, 2015

Unmask Your Data. The Visual Face of Hadoop (part 4 of 5)

Learn about how to transform and enrich Hadoop data to make it better with Oracle Big Data Discovery.
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Tuesday Apr 14, 2015

Unmask Your Data. The Visual Face of Hadoop (part 3 of 5)

Learn about first two key capabilities in find relevant data and in explore data in Hadoop to understand potential with Oracle Big Data Discovery. [Read More]

Monday Apr 13, 2015

Unmask Your Data. The Visual Face of Hadoop (part 2 of 5)

A fundamentally new approach is required to address the challenges of analyzing data in Hadoop, using existing BI and data discovery tools, or using emerging point tool solutions.  That’s exactly what we've done with Oracle Big Data Discovery.[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 07, 2015

Unmask Your Data. The Visual Face of Hadoop (part 1 of 5)

Imagine a better, more visual approach for business analysts to understand, prepare and analyze raw data in Hadoop and ultimately enable the organization to make better decisions in minutes.  It would take a fundamentally new approach to business analytics and require addressing some of the greatest big data and business analytics challenges

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Monday Apr 06, 2015

Announcing Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data

Proudly announcing the availability of Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data. This release is the latest in the series of advanced Big Data updates and features that Oracle Data Integration is rolling out for customers to help take their Hadoop projects to the next level. [Read More]

Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

Big Data and Privacy

Personal data is a component of many big data use cases. What should be the guiding principle for protecting personal data when building big data solutions?[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

Production workloads blend Cloud and On-Premise Capabilities

The last in the series of blog posts on our predictions for 2015.[Read More]

You've just got to be prepared to pay less. (Part 3)

ESG, de Persgroep and Cloudera compare the BDA with a DIY cluster.[Read More]

Monday Mar 16, 2015

You've just got to be prepared to pay less. (Part 2)

Oracle Big Data Appliance is 38% cheaper than a comparable DIY cluster.[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 11, 2015

You've just got to be prepared to pay less. (Part 1)

It's cheaper to buy Oracle Big Data Appliance than build your own Hadoop cluster.[Read More]

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

HBase is Free but Oracle NoSQL Database is cheaper

Cheaper than free? How can that be? Read and you'll see![Read More]

Monday Mar 02, 2015

How to Future Proof Your Big Data Investments - An Oracle webcast with Cloudera

The Big Data world is changing rapidly, giving raise to new standards, languages and architectures. Customers are unclear about which Big Data technology will benefit their business the most, and how to future proof their Big Data investments.[Read More]

Thursday Feb 26, 2015

Security and Governance Will Increase Big Data Innovation in 2015

Have you thought about the security and governance implications of big data?[Read More]

Monday Feb 23, 2015

Introducing Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data!

Announcing the general availability of Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data product, which offers a real-time transactional data streaming platform into big data systems.[Read More]

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