Thursday Jan 17, 2008

How To Get BigAdmin Bucks From the BigAdmin Wiki

by Karen Perkins

Some of you have been checking out the BigAdmin wiki and posting comments. Some of you have even posted your own content, either on existing wiki pages or on new pages you added. Here’s how to make sure you get your BigAdmin goodies after you post content to the wiki…

  1. After posting your content, go to the New and Recently Updated page on the BigAdmin wiki and add a link back to the page where your content lives. Here's how to add that link.
    1. If you aren’t logged in, click Log In. (If you are logged in, you'll see "Welcome on the upper right.)
    2. Select the Edit tab.
    3. Copy the line for an existing link. Link lines start with an asterisk, for example:
      \* Oct 26, 2007 - [Conditional Function Definitions in ksh|Conditional function definitions in ksh]
    4. Paste the copied link at the top of the list for the current month.
    5. Modify the date so it is today’s date.
    6. Modify the info between the square brackets ([ and ]) so the name of the page that contains your content appears before and after the “|” symbol.
    7. Select the Preview tab to see how your changes look and test your link.
    8. When you are done, click Save.
  2. Go to the Submit Content page on BigAdmin and fill in the form.
    We can’t give you BigAdmin Bucks until you do this step!
    1. Fill in the fields as follows:
      Title of Submission = title of the page that contains your content
      Location = “Use the following URL” and the URL for the page that contains your content
      Language = appropriate language (usually English)
      Resource Contact = your name or email address if you wrote the content; otherwise, contact info (e.g., email address or URL) for whoever wrote the content
      Description = sentence or two describing your new content
      Section = Tech Tips
      Category = appropriate choice (General is often appropriate)
      Collections = one or more of the options, if appropriate, or else leave blank
      Task = appropriate choice (if known)
      Technology = appropriate choice (if known)
      Name = your name
      Email Address = your email address
      Confirm Email Address = your email address
      Company = your company
    2. Accept the terms and click Submit.
  3. Sign up to receive notification about changes made to the page that contains your content.
    1. Go to the page that contains your content.
    2. Click the Envelope icon (Watch This Page) at the top right next to the Star icon. You then receive email whenever a reader posts a comment at the bottom of your page.
    3. To reply to a reader's comment, follow the "How to Leave Comments or Tag Pages" instructions on the wiki home page.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

How to Lay Out a Boot Disk: Help Document the Best Way

It began as a discussion on an OpenSolaris discussion board about the best ways to lay out a boot disk, and has turned into an effort to co-author a document that describes the best methods. You're invited to join in.

Why should you care? Because you can learn what boot disk layouts other sysadmins think is best, and add your suggestions, as well.

Mike Ramchand's blog says more about it. These instructions explain how to add content or comments to the BigAdmin wiki.

If you have any questions, ask them in the Comments section of the wiki or the blog, and we'll help out.

- Rick Ramsey

Monday Sep 17, 2007

My Experience Posting Content to the BigAdmin Wiki

by Karen Perkins

Recently, I tried posting content to the new BigAdmin wiki. This was my first try at posting to a wiki, so I wasn't sure what I was in for or how it'd go. Turns out it was easy. Here's what I did.
  1. Since I wanted to post content to an existing page, I used the procedure called "How to Add Content to an Existing Page" on the BigAdmin wiki main page. It said the first step was to register.
  2. So, I clicked the "Register" link, which took me to the Registration page.
  3. I already had a Sun Online account, so I read the section "Partners and Sun Online Account Holders," which said my Sun Online Account user name and password grants me access to the wiki, and I didn't need to register.
  4. So, I clicked "Logging In," which took me to the Logging In page.
  5. As instructed under the "Partners and Sun Online Account Holders" section, I clicked Log In (upper right corner of page). Then on the resulting page, I entered my Sun Online Account user name and password, and I clicked Log In.
  6. I was asked to enter a screen name, which I did. Then I was taken to the BigAdmin wiki's Welcome page, which showed my screen name.
  7. Good sign...maybe this was going to be easy. So I took a break. I came back later and continued where I'd left off....
  8. I navigated to the BigAdmin wiki home page and looked at the instructions in the "How to Add Content to an Existing Page" section.
  9. I had just registered, so I skipped step 1 and logged in (step 2).
  10. I skipped steps 3 through 5 about reading the user guide and practicing in the sandbox. (Typical user, right?)
  11. As instructed in step 6, I clicked the "instructions" link.
  12. In the resulting "Editing an Existing Page," as instructed, I navigated to the page I wanted to add content to and clicked the Edit tab.

    This brought up the edit screen in the Wiki Markup or the Rich Text mode (can't remember which).

  13. The previous instructions had said to make changes to the content or add new content and to click the tabs to switch between 'Rich Text' and 'Wiki Markup' edit modes.

    At first, I wasn't really sure how I was supposed to add the new content (with markup? plain text?). I decided to see whether I could just type some plain text into the body of the page.

    I could, so I typed my content and went back and forth between the Rich Text and Wiki Markup tabs to see how it looked (I wasn't really sure what I was looking for or what the point was, but I was curious.)

  14. When I was done adding my content, I clicked Preview to see how my text would look, and then I clicked Save.

    And there was my content on the page.

    All in all, it was a pretty easy process.

  15. Feeling emboldened, I decided I should link to the content I added from one of the other related wiki pages. So, I navigated to the related page.
  16. But then I realized I didn't know what to do next. So I opened a second browser, and navigated to the BigAdmin wiki home page, to see if I could find any info there. I didn't see any instructions there for how to link two wiki pages, so I was stumped. Maybe I should have read the user guide after all...


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