Monday Jun 15, 2009

The Lamborghini Murcielago vs The BigAdmin Newsletter

I've had a platonic love affair with the Bugatti Veyron since my younger daughter first showed it to me on the cover of Automobile Magazine a few years ago. But I mentioned it in a recent BigAdmin blog, so I had to use a different car this time. Don't want to bore you by talking about the same old $1.6 million dollar super car over and over.

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The Lamborghini Murcielago is a great antidote for an overload of drag and drop graphical sysadmin tools. Particularly the Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce or, "SV" for the sysadmin cognocenti. According to the recent review by Automobile Magazine...

"Despite its space-age looks, this is actually an old-fashioned car with an old-fashioned engine."

And at only $450,000.00 US, it is well within reach of a well-staffed IT department willing to pool its resources for 1/40th share of this magnificent machine.

At the top-secret BigAdmin track facility we recently had the opportunity to pit the SV against the BigAdmin Newsletter. In spite of our appreciation of the Lambo's mostly manual interface, we are long-time hard-core fans of the BigAdmin Newsletter. So we donned our BigAdmin caps, painted ourselves in Blue and Black (with White shadows), tatooed awk scripts up and down our arms, korn-shell around or necks, and carried these placards in hex:


It was no contest. The Lambo blew the doors off the BigAdmin Newsletter by going from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and to 200 mph shortly thereafter, while the BigAdmin newsletter won't even get off the line until later this month.

But when it does, it'll accelerate from zero to something shy of 186,000 miles per second with a few nano-pauses at switches and servers along the way. And it accomplishes this incredible feat with zero fluff. That's right. Our newsletter simply gives you a quick summary (with links) of all the new resources we published over the last 30 days, plus some events and outside resources we think you'd find useful.

And it arrives in ASCII text! Here's an example:

Three New Articles on Patching:
o Analyzing a patchadd or patchrm Failure in the Solaris OS
o How to Split a Root Mirrored With Solaris Volume Manager
o How to Remove a Solaris Patch While Booted From a Network
We only publish it about once a month, and as much as we'd like to deliver it by hand in the Lambo, we can't afford the gas. But you can subscribe for free:

It's Free. Subscribe Here!

Clearly the face-off was was just bad timing for the BigAdmin Newsletter. Unfortunately, we were unable to schedule the Lambo again due to the inability of our newsletter editor, Constance, to curb her enthusiasm for Lambo-donuts in parking lot. We are doing our best to convince Lamborghini to let us keep the SV, shredded tires and all, so we can use it as part of our BigAdmin Bucks program. We even offered to change the name to the BigAdmin Lambo Program, but we haven't received a definitive answer yet.

We'll keep you posted. Or you can ...

Subscribe to the BigAdmin Newsletter!

... and find out for yourself.


Thursday Jan 17, 2008

How To Get BigAdmin Bucks From the BigAdmin Wiki

by Karen Perkins

Some of you have been checking out the BigAdmin wiki and posting comments. Some of you have even posted your own content, either on existing wiki pages or on new pages you added. Here’s how to make sure you get your BigAdmin goodies after you post content to the wiki…

  1. After posting your content, go to the New and Recently Updated page on the BigAdmin wiki and add a link back to the page where your content lives. Here's how to add that link.
    1. If you aren’t logged in, click Log In. (If you are logged in, you'll see "Welcome on the upper right.)
    2. Select the Edit tab.
    3. Copy the line for an existing link. Link lines start with an asterisk, for example:
      \* Oct 26, 2007 - [Conditional Function Definitions in ksh|Conditional function definitions in ksh]
    4. Paste the copied link at the top of the list for the current month.
    5. Modify the date so it is today’s date.
    6. Modify the info between the square brackets ([ and ]) so the name of the page that contains your content appears before and after the “|” symbol.
    7. Select the Preview tab to see how your changes look and test your link.
    8. When you are done, click Save.
  2. Go to the Submit Content page on BigAdmin and fill in the form.
    We can’t give you BigAdmin Bucks until you do this step!
    1. Fill in the fields as follows:
      Title of Submission = title of the page that contains your content
      Location = “Use the following URL” and the URL for the page that contains your content
      Language = appropriate language (usually English)
      Resource Contact = your name or email address if you wrote the content; otherwise, contact info (e.g., email address or URL) for whoever wrote the content
      Description = sentence or two describing your new content
      Section = Tech Tips
      Category = appropriate choice (General is often appropriate)
      Collections = one or more of the options, if appropriate, or else leave blank
      Task = appropriate choice (if known)
      Technology = appropriate choice (if known)
      Name = your name
      Email Address = your email address
      Confirm Email Address = your email address
      Company = your company
    2. Accept the terms and click Submit.
  3. Sign up to receive notification about changes made to the page that contains your content.
    1. Go to the page that contains your content.
    2. Click the Envelope icon (Watch This Page) at the top right next to the Star icon. You then receive email whenever a reader posts a comment at the bottom of your page.
    3. To reply to a reader's comment, follow the "How to Leave Comments or Tag Pages" instructions on the wiki home page.


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