Find Out How Much You Know

Think you know your stuff? OK.

Answer this:

Which command would search the man pages using a keyword?
  • man -d keyword
  • man -k keyword
  • man -s keyword
  • man -l keyword

You peeked, didn't you? Yes, it's man -k. Try this one:


fsck -y /dev/rdsk/c3t4d0s3
ls -l /export/home/lost+found

Which condition would place an entry in the lost+found directory of the filesystem being checked?

  • An inode that is allocated,but unreferenced or not linked to a directory.
  • A file that no longer has a valid user on the system.
  • An inode that has a value that exceeds the number of files a user is allowed.
  • The file contents are intact, but the inode is missing.

That question is from Part I of the Certified Solaris Sysadmin assessment. It has 48 questions. There's also a Part II. You wanna see one of the questions from Part II?

Are you sure?

OK. Here it is.

A mile long train is traveling toward a mile long tunnel with 3 Solaris sysadmins on board. If Haiduong the sysadmin has a bag with 74.6 apples, Matson the database admin is half way through his package of Oreos, and Rohit the IT manager is on page 12 of the first volume of Proust's 7-volume "In Search of Lost Time" in the original French, how long will the train take to get through the tunnel if Haiduong has spent 2/3 of her lunch money and Matson doesn't like Rohit's tie?

  • 17 minutes and 14 seconds
  • # coreadmin -e proce_setid prxreqset_t 'struct ssd array' | format
  • Matson doesn't like Oreos
  • Sun xVM Ops Center would let 6 trains get through the tunnel on the same set of rails

By the way, the first question was from the Unix Essentials assessment. It only has 42 questions.

You can take these assessments for free. And no, you don't have to register. There's a very short form to fill out, but if you are paranoid or just plain evil, you can enter your name and the email address of your girlfriend's new boyfriend. Or you can leave it empty. You'll still get to take the test. And get an immediate score. If you would like your score e-mailed to you, then enter your own email address. We are also happy to email your score to your girlfriend's new boyfriend.

What's cool about these assessments is that they'll give you an idea of which sysadmin class you might wanna take. Or whether you're ready to act like a man and just take the certification exam, already.

At this point Sun lets you test your Solaris 10 know-how at three different levels:

  • UNIX Essentials Featuring the Solaris 10 Operating System
  • Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) for the Solaris 10 OS (Part 1)
  • Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) for the Solaris 10 OS (Part 2)

For more info about Sun's training classes and certification exams for OS, software, database, and storage sysadmins, see:

Interesting, cool, and fun. Just like a blog entry oughta be. Thanks for taking the time, Rick :)

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I agree with Deborah. This is great information. Thank you, Rick.

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how embarrasing.

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Ummmm, I don't think I got even one right!

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Posted by Acai extreme on December 29, 2009 at 06:18 PM CST #

Thanks for the link to the Unix essentials. I must admit that I missed the first one. Recently I have been very interested in looking back at the old unix platform and reeducating myself.

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