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Troubleshooting OBIA Load Plan Schedules

In OBIA, the normal process would be to use OBIACM to generate the load plan then schedule it. However at times, customers report issues with regards to load plan schedules. This blog explains why such things are likely to happen and how to resolve them

Symptoms Observed:

  1. Duplicate Load plan schedules, so the same load plan running multiple times. However only one schedule visible in OBIACM
  2. Schedule not visible in OBIACM but load plan running daily as if it were scheduled
  3. Schedule shows up in OBIACM but the load plan is not triggered as per that

Why this might happen?

Whenever you re-generate a load plan, OBIACM creates a new load plan in ODI. And then when you schedule the load plan, OBIACM will apply the schedule to the last generated load plan (corresponding to that Load plan definition). From OBIA 10.1 onwards, the old load plan schedules are automatically carried forward to the new load plan on regeneration. For versions prior to that, the old schedules will not be carried forward to the new generated load plan. Also schedules directly created in ODI using ODI studio may or may not show up in BIACM, especially if the schedules are not set against the latest load plan for a particular load plan definition. The other reason for duplicate schedules is when you have a HA/Cluster setup for ODI agent.

Whenever you update/create a Load Plan Schedule from BIACM, you must click on the Update schedules for the new schedule to be updated. Not doing so, will mean the new load plan schedule will not take effect.

How to fix it?

To fix the issue, login to ODI studio, Operator Tab-> Scheduling-> All schedules. Delete all the schedules until no more entries show up. This ensures that no more schedules are present. Now login to OBIACM and setup a new schedule as per your requirement.

Figure 1- Screenshot showing no schedules when viewed from Operator tab after cleaning up all existing schedules

How to prevent this?

To prevent this from occurring, take the following precautions:

  1. If you are on OBIA version prior to release, before re-generating or deleting a Load plan from BIACM, ensure there are no active schedules against it
  2. Do not setup schedules directly in ODI studio as they may not show up in OBIACM
  3. If you have HA or load balancing, then ensure that you have followed the ODI documentation on how to configure the setup so as to prevent each ODI agent from triggering the Load plan schedule. (Refer to MOS doc 2075828.1)
  4. Do not export/import Load plans or their schedules from one environment to another
  5. If the ODI Agent is already running at the time you define the schedule in OBIACM, then you must click the Update Schedules icon in the toolbar to add the schedule to the ODI Agent scheduler


  • If you have created a custom load plan in ODI manually, then you cannot use OBIACM to schedule it. Only load plans generated using OBIACM will be visible in OBIACM and hence only those can be scheduled using OBIACM.Use ODI Studio to schedule such custom load plans instead.
  • Do not schedule load plans in such a way that one load plan execution overlaps with another. This is not supported and will cause data corruption which will require a full re-load to fix it.



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