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Combined Data and Deleted Rows Extract when extracting from Fusion using BICCC

Authors: "Sankara Sampath - Oracle " and "Guna Vasireddy - Oracle"

Starting PB14 onwards, Fusion 11 now has a new option that allows you to combine the Data and Deleted Rows extract into a single job using BICCC (BI Cloud Connector Console). Internally the individual extracts are done one after the other and there would be two manifest files generated along with the corresponding files. The Cloud Data extract is done first followed by the Deleted Rows extract.

Figure 1 : Screenshot showing the new combined extract

Earlier, a customer who wanted both of them would have had to wait for the data extract to finish before starting the Deleted rows extract. Scheduling them meant they would have had to have a fair estimate of how long the extracts would take and schedule them apart accordingly. This would become problematic when the data volumes increase during certain period (E.g Payroll data during month end). With this combined extract, they no longer have to worry about that.The system would automatically trigger the Deleted Rows Extract on completion of the Cloud Data Extract.


Q: What happens if the Cloud Data Extract fails for whatever reason? Would the Deleted Rows extract still be triggered when using the combined extract?
A: No. When Data Extract fails, Delete Record Extract will NOT be triggered.

Q: At what point is the selection of VOs taken into account? So if I started this combined extract and then went and changed the VO selection while the Cloud Data Extract part is running, would the Deleted rows extract use the original selection (that was there at the start of the job) or would it use the selection that is present at the point when the Deleted Rows Extract starts?
A: Its NOT recommended to make any VO selection change when any schedule is in progress, which will cause undesirable results.

Q:If the Deleted Rows Extract fails for some reason, would the next schedule for the combined extract still be picked up?
A: Yes, next schedule will work as expected, as delete record extract is always in FULL mode and does NOT depend on last extract date.

Q:Is there a way to restart from failed point? So if Cloud Data Extract succeeds and Deleted rows extract fails, can I restart the job to do only the deleted rows extract again?
A: No. Its NOT possible to restart any scheduled job.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Friday, March 10, 2017

    Would the BI Apps Load Plan rename both the Manifest files at the end of the SDS Step? If not, what can be done to rename the missed Manifest file?

  • Guna Vasireddy-Oracle Wednesday, March 15, 2017

    Yes. When BIAPPS Load plan runs, it should process both the Manifest files and rename them once done.

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