What's New in Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite

Oracle announced the latest release of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, – the most comprehensive solution to help organizations drive optimization by further improving their analytic capabilities. Featuring more than 200 enhancements, Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Foundation has delivered a rich user experience that makes the end user spend less time trying to understand confusing reports, and more time using the data-driven reports to improve their performance and drive innovation.

During Tuesday’s live webcast, Hear What’s New in Business Analytics, Paul Rodwick, Vice President of Product Management, discussed some of the exciting new releases of the Business Analytics Suite, including the many new performance and functionality enhancements of Oracle BI Foundation - which is also the core component of Oracle Exalytics, the industry’s first engineered in-memory analytics machine.

Let’s start with the key components of the Oracle BI Foundation:

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g – this is the central component for creating ad hoc queries, reports, and business application optimized data visualizations

Oracle Essbase – this is ideal for scenario modeling, forecasting, and planning. It is the market leader for forward-looking analysis, and features an advanced calculation engine, multi-user write back capabilities, and flexible data storage options

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link- facilitates real time or on-demand transfer of financial information from Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to Oracle Essbase

Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management – enables organizations to set strategic goals and objectives that can be cascaded to every level of the organization, and linked to key performance indicators to measure, track, and manage performance

Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile – allows business users to access their analytic content for optimized viewing and interactivity on their mobile devices

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher - scalable solution for delivering high fidelity, pixel perfect formats in multiple formats, allowing users to design and publish high volume reports using popular desktop tools

All the tools within Oracle BI Foundation share common services for query request generation, data access, clustering, system management, and security – making the widest range of reporting analysis capabilities on a single, integrated platform. Any organization can simplify their IT infrastructure while reducing their total cost of ownership, and ultimately optimize performance.

While the many solution and server enhancements are integral to making the new release of Oracle BI Foundation the most comprehensive capabilities in the market today, the enhanced visualizations takes it to another level! Some of the most exciting new features are rich, end user visualizations that absolutely transform the way users absorb and understand the information at hand.

Let’s take a look at what some of these enhanced visualizations look like:

Performance Tiles – displays a single, aggregate measure in a visually prominent tile

Waterfall – a graph that lets a user view how each value in a series incrementally affects the whole by showing how an initial price is affected by several discount options

100% Stacked Chart – shows values as percentages, and because it normalizes the data between values of 0 and 100, makes a comparison of values easier across series and groups

Map Views – a map view that supports the ability to format a line to vary it’s color based on one measure, and vary it’s thickness by a second measure

Smart View - for Microsoft Office, Smart View has been substantially enhanced, and fully supports BI dashboard page and report images, and also has add-ins that can create and save views in Microsoft Excel

View Suggestion – users can select the “Recommended Visualization” to be guided to a recommended visualization based on user data and the intent of the analysis

Performace Tiles

These are just a handful of the 200 new enhancements featured in the latest release of Oracle BI Foundation. To learn more, please visit http://www.oracle.com/us/solutions/business-analytics/business-intelligence/foundation-suite/overview/index.html


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