Sun Tech Days 2007 at Hyderabad

Though I had been with Sun for many years, this is the first Sun's Mega event I attended. This event happened at Hyderabad, and I had to fly from Bangalore to Hyderabad to showcase GlassFish at this event on 21st and 22nd Feb 2007.

On 21st Feb, till I reached the venue I was kind of sleepy as I had to get up at 3.30 in the morning to catch my early morning flight. When I reached the venue at around 8 AM, I am amazed by looking at the venue and the spirit of the attendees, so my sleep was gone. The venue – Hyderabad International Convention Center – located in Novotel hotel's campus was huge and built to international standards. It had well designed seminar halls, with great video and audio quality. The seminar halls had a support for 'split' and 'cat' unix functionality. So, you can 'cat hall1 hall2 hall3 > huge-hall' and 'split huge-hall hall'. I guess the huge-hall can hold more than 5000 people. If Bangalore does not have such a convention center, it is definitely something Bangalore is missing.

Due to lot of developer and student community's interest in GlassFish, I hardly found time go away from GlassFish booth to attend other sessions. Still I managed to attend parts of few sessions like Rich's keynote, Java EE 5 & GlassFish, Scripting in Java and a SOA session.

Siva, Srikanth and I were at the GlassFish booth. In our booth, we had Java EE 5 and Glassfish: A Plunge into the Aquarium presentation running continuously. Also we had two flash demonstrations, one showed How to Build, Deploy and Run Java EE applications on GlassFish using NetBeans, and the other one showed How to build, deploy and run JBI applications on GlassFish using NetBeans Enterprise Pack.

Most of the developer community is using GlassFish, so they were aware, and they had few questions. Student community seemed enthusiastic about learning GlassFish. We clarified some of the questions the community had, pointed them to forums to get some tough questions answered, and distributed the limited number of CDs we had. The CD contained the GlassFish V1 binary for all the platforms (Solaris sparc, Solaris x86, Win XP, Linux, MacOS), source code of the GlassFish, samples and blueprint applications. Please refer FAQ #6 for a correction in README of the CD.

Overall, the event was a big success and the representation of Java EE 5 and GlassFish was very much required to give a chance for the developer community to directly talk to the GlassFish committers (us).

FAQs : (These are some of the questions I could remember. If there are further questions on GlassFish or if your questions related to GlassFish were not completely answered during the event or if there are any questions about what we presented at GlassFish booth, please write directly to me at

1. Where can I get the presentation, demos, GlassFish and NetBeans Enterprise Pack?

Presentation : Java EE 5 and Glassfish: A Plunge into the Aquarium
Demo : How to Build, Deploy and Run Java EE applications on GlassFish using NetBeans
GlassFish : V2 Promoted Builds
NetBeans Enterprise Pack : Go here and select Version = 5.5.1 and Build Type = Daily

2. Are Sun Java System Application Server and GlassFish different?

Sun Java System Application Server is 100% derived from GlassFish open source project. Please read this.

3. Can the @PersistenceContext EntityManager be used in POJO?

Yes. Please read this

4. Using Hibernate in GlassFish

Use this link -

5. Where can a post my query on GlassFish

Please feel free to send your questions to

6. One of the developer tried to install GlassFish with the CD we distributed, but came across this issue :

Exception in thread "main" glassfish/lib/ant/bin/ant (No such file or directory)
at Method)

Solution: This is a correction to the README we supplied.

Before executing “java -Xmx256m -jar jar-file”, please copy the jar-file to your harddisk and then execute this command on the copied jar. For example, to install GlassFish in your Windows system, this is what you need to do :

a) Create C:\\Sun
b) Copy \\glassfish-v1_ur1\\binaries\\windows\\glassfish-installer-v1_ur1-b14.jar to C:\\Sun
c) cd C:\\Sun
d) Execute : java -Xmx256m -jar glassfish-installer-v1_ur1-b14.jar.
e) set ANT_HOME to C:\\Sun\\glassfish\\lib\\ant
f) set PATH to %ANT_HOME%\\bin;%PATH%
g) Run 'ant -f setup.xml'. You are now done with the installation of GlassFish application server under your C:\\Sun\\glassfish directory.

7. Performance benchmark for GlassFish.

Please read Scott Oak's Blog here -

8. Where can I post my queries for GlassFish with NetBeans.

Post your questions at and visit

9. If I am already having Tomcat servlet container with Spring, then why should I go for GlassFish?

Though Tomcat Servlet container + Spring is never equals to Application Server, 'GlassFish Embracing Spring' from Rod Johnson (who is the Father of Spring) is a must read :

10. Where do I find tutorial to build a sample BPEL application?

Here are the tutorials:

11. Is the commercial license available for GlassFish?

Yes. Please read these:

12. We were using 'deploytool' which was available in earlier releases of Sun Java System Application Server and it is not available in GlassFish. What should we do?

Among many other features, one of the feature NetBeans provides is what 'deploytool' provided before. Here are the details:


thanx for the post - Appreciate if you can post more on other events.

Posted by sairam on February 26, 2007 at 11:46 AM IST #

i attended the SUN TECH DAYS 2007 in hyderabad its really a woundeful event which is conducted by SUN MicroSystems i hope this type of events should conduct many more in feature. i want to laod opensolaries in my personal system can anyone help me out ?

Posted by Ramesh Akula on March 04, 2007 at 12:59 PM IST #

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