Friday Jul 23, 2004

A few thoughts on Java RMI and .NET Remoting

Some interesting differences between RMI and Remoting:

  • The concept of mobile code in Remoting and RMI is somewhat different - while RMIClassLoader allows to obtain the code for a single class, the smallest unit of deployment in .NET (and this is not limited to Remoting or mobile code) is the assembly. So, if you want dynamically linkbyte code to a running CLR, you have to use Fusion and load the entire assembly. However, the System.Reflection (and System.Refelction.Emit) classes allow for good intraspection and assembly handling.
  • There are no dynamic proxies in Remoting out of the box: While there have been some attempts to provide like functionality (see e.g. the Dynamic Proxy implementation for Apache Castle at there is no whole hearted commitment (yet?) to support JDK 5.0 or even skeleton-like dynamic proxies 'out-of-the-box'.

Monday Jul 05, 2004

Sun Studio Creator

This stuff is \*wicked\* cool! I saw some of the early releases of Rave which were already quite impressive, but the depth of integration of JSF, JSP and Studio Creator is quite nice. I definitively see a few (!) features in Creator which Whidbey will have to copy in order to compete.

My favorite feature (so far) is the table drag'n'drop into a grid: just navigate to your table of choice in the server navigator and pull this table onto a JSF data grid - Creator will automatically create all necessary code to load and update the table.


Source code availability and Shutdown week

You might have noticed that I took off any sourcecode from this blog. This is due to fairly severe restrictions we are faced in respect to export control. I hope to get our code through legal review as fast as possible, so that we can share it with every body interested.

Talking about as fast as possible: since Sun is shut down for the week of July 4, I will be fairly incommunicado over the next days (hiking through the Arizona desert ...). If you would like to contact me, please do so through email (first name dot last name at sun dot com) or comments to one of my articles.

Thursday Jul 01, 2004

JavaOne 2004 - J2EE and .NET Web Services Interoperability

This session is by the JWSDP product team. (Ramesh, )

Web Services in Java are implemented by

  • EJB 2.1
For Xml processing, Java offers
  • SAX (Streaming Parser) which is not ver comfortable
  • DOM - which consumes A LOT of memory
  • JAXB - the logical choice Web Services in .NET
    • ASP.NET

Application Infrastructure

  • Claim - ADO.NET does not support common APIs like in JDBC to support a different provider.
  • No SOAP Fault bindings
Overall a pretty nice session - these guys are in benchmark engineering and they have done a great job, given that they have only \*very\* limited resources on Windows/.NET. Java Performance rocks!

Open Source the javax.comm API!!

To all Java gods out there: Please open source the lost child of serial control: the javax.comm API. This API is not really getting a lot of attention these days and it would be quite helpful for those who have to fiddle with RS232 interfaces if we had the source for javax.comm. I am sure the community would take good care of it...


JavaOne JavaTrain BOF Last night

Our BOF last night went well last night. We had about 35 participants, which I found to be pretty good, goven the fact that this was the dinner time JUST before the Train concert. Rags went out a couple of time to confirm that the other BOFs had fewer audience ;)

We went along with the original plan to have each of us (Rags, Bob and myself) speak to their respective area: Rags introduced us and talked about RFIDs, Bob gave an introduction to JMRI in general and I talked sbout the 'systems engineering' part of the show.

As promised yesterday in the BOF, I will continue to provide information on JavaTrain here in my blog. As a starter, here are some cool links:

JMRI Home page

Rags Blog

Here is our presentation

I will post some of our source (chages vs. the 1.4 release of JMRI) later today.

Just for the fun, here is another picture

Wednesday Jun 23, 2004

Blogger Meeting @ JavaONE

I will be joining Tim and Simon on their Monday night beer bash at the Thirsty Bear. For details see here:


Thursday Jun 10, 2004

Initial JavaTrain Prototype Pictures

This is a picture of one of the early prototypes. It shows a Marklin Z-scale (1:220) model of a Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) series 103 locomotive. It has a Lenz 521 DCC microdecoder installed. Prototype JavaTrain

JavaTrain is coming soon ...

Please stay tuned for Java Train which will arrive here during JavaONE 2004...



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