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Slices in BDB

Michael Schulman
Sr. Principal Product Manager

Slices in Berkeley DB

(courtesy of Charles Koester) 

With the new Berkeley DB 6.2 release, there are a number of new features.  One of the more exciting ones is the use of Slices.

It is possible to improve the multiprocessor scaling of your DB databases by implementing slices. Slices cause your database records to be spread evenly across sub-environments and sub-databases using an internal hashing algorithm. Because your records are stored in separate physical environments and databases, this allows for better parallel processing support by spreading read and write workloads across separate, discrete processor cores.

The new “slices” feature can improve the multi threaded performance of IOT and many other workloads. Throughput in multi threaded applications can improve by 3x or more.
Transactions which access a single key — e.g., solo DB->get(), DB->put, or DB->del() calls, or DB->get() followed by an update call — are ideal for the use of the slices feature.. Workloads in which related sets of keys are accessed inside a single transaction can also use slices. By using the new DB->set_slice_callback() API call to designate the slice-relevant portion of the key, a transaction can access many different keys as long as they share the slice callback value.

Read more about the new Slices feature in Berkeley DB at:  http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17076_05/html/programmer_reference/bdb_slices.html

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