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Oracle Berkeley Database (BDB) 6.2 Announced

Michael Schulman
Sr. Principal Product Manager
Berkeley Database Version 6.2 ( is now available for download.

Page – Click Here

Page – Click Here

Berkeley Database Version 6.2 – New Features

· Slices – provides significantly better scalability
on large SMP machines as compared to the previous release.

· Write Forwarding – No longer are application writes
restricted to the Master node when this feature is enabled.  Simple write
operations can now be performed on the replica and BDB-HA will forward the
writes to the Master automatically.

· BDB as a Stand-Alone

user an out-of-the-box solution to a key-value database in a client-server

· SQL Performance Enhancements – Index-based SQL
query performance has been improved by as much as 40% out of the box when
compared to BDB 6.1.

· Authentication – User authentication has been added to the BDB SQL API.  The database can
now be set up to authenticate users prior to them accessing data in the
database.  The new authentication capability, coupled with existing
encryption, can be used to create secure, high performance embedded database

DB continues to enable the most powerful embedded database solutions

· Handle
TBs of data with a 1MB library

· Flexible,
lightweight, transactional data management engine

· Runs
on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms ranging from low power ARM
devices to clusters of high-end servers

· Over
50 open source software projects embed BDB -- check them out on Wikipedia

· Completely
customizable, with choice of 5 different access methods

· Industrial
quality and battle tested

Assets and Resources

and sales assets continue to be updated.

· Oracle BDB Web Site

· Oracle BDB Blog web
site – continue to check for new blogs

· Oracle BDB Database
Product Family Datasheet

· Oracle BDB Database

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What others are

source Fedora package maintainer, Lubomir Rintel, says "Berkeley DB has
quietly served behind the scenes as the database for the RPM Package
Manager.   It has proven itself time and time again as a robust and
efficient storage engine.   It stores the meta information of the
installed rpms.  Under heavy workloads, BDB proves itself reliable. Countless
people that use popular Linux distributions have used BDB through RPM and never
knew it.  With this new release,   BDB continues its tradition
of being a solid storage engine"

Oracle Tape Product Manager, Dan Deppen, says "Berkeley DB is integral
to  Oracle StorageTek Storage Archive Manager (SAM-QFS).  We have
been embedding Berkeley DB in our product for over a decade and it is vital to
our disk archiving feature which is used to send files to remote data centers
to enable disaster recovery.  Performance and scalability are critical
because SAM-QFS supports some of the largest archive customers in the
world.   HPC sites, research centers, national libraries and other
customers requiring massive scalability and high reliability depend on SAM-QFS
and Berkeley DB to maintain availability of their critical data."

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