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Now you can build Berkeley DB into your Android apps

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I want to make everyone aware of a small change we made in
the last release that promises to make a big difference for our customers using

We added support for the Android platform some time back.
However, there was a caveat: Berkeley DB had to be integrated at the OS level,
replacing the SQLite routines that usually ship with Android. Having Berkeley
DB built into the OS provided some advantages. But it also meant that customers
were unable to build a BDB-enabled app that could be deployed to any generic
Android device. Also some customers were hesitant to make OS modifications

In our latest release, Berkeley DB 5.3, we have added the
capability to use BDB on a per-application basis. This means you can build your
application to use Berkeley DB, and the library routines will be bundled in
when you package everything up. The result is an application that can take
advantage of Berkeley DB’s strengths on any Android device. We've even included instructions on how to achieve this in our online documentation.

Berkeley DB supports a wide array of mobile platforms.
Starting with Oracle’s own embedded Java, which many forget still dominates the
feature phone market. BDB also supports Android and iOS, the two platforms that continue to
own the smartphone marketplace. This latest enhancement will make it even
easier for Android developers to use BDB. Finally, we offer the option to choose between a
SQLite-compatible SQL API, and our traditional key/value API (for you NoSQL
fans out there). Our combination of features and platform support make Berkeley
DB the best choice for anyone who needs an enterprise-grade data store on a mobile

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Friday, January 11, 2013

    I am happy to report that BDB 5.3 built on Plan9 (i386) under its ANSI-POSIX-ENVIRONMENT with the native compiler and using GNU Pth as pthreads implementation :)

  • guest Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Glad to hear it!

    - Eric

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