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New Release of Oracle Berkeley DB

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We are pleased to announce that a new release of Oracle Berkeley DB, version, is available today.

Our latest release includes yet more value added features for SQLite users, as well as several performance enhancements and new customer-requested features to the key-value pair API.  We continue to provide technology leadership, features and performance for SQLite applications.  This release introduces additional features that are not available in native SQLite, and adds functionality allowing customers to create richer, more scalable, more concurrent applications using the Berkeley DB SQL API.

This release is compelling to Oracle’s customers and partners because it:

  • delivers a complete, embeddable SQL92 database
  • as a library under 1MB size
  • drop-in API compatible with SQLite version 3
  • no-oversight, zero-touch database administration
  • industrial quality, battle tested Berkeley DB B-TREE for concurrent transactional data storage

New Features Include:

  • MVCC support for even higher concurrency
  • direct SQL support for HA/replication
  • transactionally protected Sequence number generation functions
    • lower memory requirements, shared memory regions and faster/smaller memory on startup
  • easier B-TREE page size configuration with new ''db_tuner" utility

New Key-Value API Features Include:

  • HEAP access method for constrained disk-space applications (key-value API)
  • faster QUEUE access method operations for highly concurrent applications -- up 2-3X faster! (key-value API)
  • new X/open compliant XA resource manager, easily integrated with Oracle Tuxedo (key-value API)
    • additional HA/replication management and communication options (key-value API)

and a lot more!

BDB is hands-down the best edge, mobile, and embedded database available to developers.

Downloads available today on the Berkeley DB download page

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Matt Keenan Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Are there IPS packages in existence which can be installed ? BDB used to be delivered on solaris via SUNWbdb package however this is not available on Solaris 11 Express that I can see.



  • Eric Jensen Friday, July 22, 2011

    You are correct Matt. There is no default Berkeley DB package for Solaris any longer. Given that Berkeley DB is a database library, and that different features can be enabled at compile time (SQL API, JDBC, encryption etc), it's usually best to roll your own.

    The good news is that Berkeley DB is very easy to build from source. Our dev team takes great care to make sure of this with each new release.

    Assuming you have a standard build environment installed, you can build BDB with the following commands:



    make install

    You can read about the various configure and make switches that are available here:


    But if you are just going to use the key/value API in C or C++ and you want it to install in the default place, you don't actually need any switches.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!


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