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Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2 - BDB Server

Michael Schulman
Sr. Principal Product Manager

Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2 

(courtesy of Yong Li)

BDB Server (aka. BDB as standalone server or thrift)

Beyond being an industry-leading embedded key-value
database, BDB Server turns BDB into a key-value database server which supports
a client-server style of access. User applications can now use BDB Server
client drivers to access remote BDB Servers.

Currently, the following BDB features are supported by
BDB Server:

* B-Tree, Hash and Recno access methods.

* Transactions. (BDB Server can be run in Transaction
Data Store mode only)

* Secondary indices and foreign constraints

* Join cursors

* Sequences

The following BDB features are not supported by BDB
Server now:

* Queue and Heap access methods

* Replication

* Most call-back functions

The following features are specific to BDB Server:

* Support for SSL over TCP

* Handle timeout. If a handle has not been access for a
long time, it can be closed
automatically by the server.

System requirement for BDB Server:

* JDK 8 or above

Currently BDB Server client drivers are only available in
Java and require JDK 8 or above. The Java client driver API is very similar to
the BDB Java API with a few functions to open and close server connections.

Get Berkeley DB version 6.2 at:  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database-technologies/berkeleydb/overview/index.html

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