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  • September 23, 2011

Berkeley DB at OpenWorld/JavaOne 2011

Guest Author

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: what is Berkeley DB
bringing to OpenWorld this year? Even if you’re more preoccupied with the
latest iPhone 5 rumors, (I hear the front facing camera can look into your eyes
and tell you what you had for breakfast) Berkeley DB users (or fans) who are
planning to attend Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco about 10 days from now
will want to read this post.

As always, we will have a session where you can learn about
the cool and interesting things our customers are doing with a key/value data
store. But this year, we have two additional general areas of focus: Embedded,
and Mobile Applications.

Let’s take a closer look at the embedded front first. As the
cost of components like network hardware, flash memory, and microcontrollers
continues to fall, OEMs in many verticals are choosing to enhance their product
lineup by adding new applications and internet-enabled features. Networked cash
registers? That was only the beginning. This was the year cars started getting
on the internet, and I already blogged about that. Who knows what the next
years will bring?

Whatever our customers are planning, we’ve got solutions
that can help. Our first session with an embedded focus is 15185, BDB and
Embedded Java presentation. There you’ll learn how we are extending Java’s
“write once, deploy anywhere” mantra. With Berkeley DB and Database Mobile
Server, you get worry free data management and sync capabilities after you’ve
deployed, as well.

Next, over on the JavaOne side we have 25143, Telemetry and
Synchronization with Embedded Java and Berkeley DB. This session will feature
Java Architect Greg Bollella talking about how these same technologies are
enabling telemetry solutions to plug into the enterprise right alongside your
existing data and apps. The ability to manage networks of embedded devices
using existing enterprise frameworks could prove to be quite revolutionary. The
embedded Java platform, when coupled with Berkeley DB and Database Mobile
Server, has the ability to do just that. We’re excited about this, and we think
our customers will be too.

On the mobile applications side of things Tata Consulting
Services (TCS) will be joining us for session 15178, Achieve Ubiquitous Data
Access, from Device Databases to Enterprise Repositories. There you’ll learn how
TCS is helping their customers deploy mobile applications that maximize the ROI
of their existing enterprise infrastructure.

Rounding out the list is our key/value customer highlight
session. You thought I forgot, right? No chance! Session 15167 is entitled
Transactional Key-Value Storage: Super Simple, Super Fast, Super Flexible. Raghunath
Nambiar, an Architect at Cisco, will co-present with us. The topic will be super
cool things you can accomplish using the key-value paradigm for data

In addition to the sessions, we will have a number of exciting
demos for you to check out, both at OpenWorld and JavaOne.

Finally, be on the lookout for an exciting product
announcement building on the inherent strengths of the Berkeley DB product

Hope to see you there!

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