Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition - New Release

Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition (JE) – Version 7.5 Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition 7.5 is now available for download. Download Page – Click Here Documentation Page – Click Here Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition Version 7.5 – New Features New configuration parameters have been added for limiting disk usage and read operations are now allowed when these thresholds are exceeded.  Benefit: Applications continue to run even when the disk usage > disk usage limit. The data verifier has...

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Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition 7.0 Announced

Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition 7.0 is now available for download. Download Page – Click Here Documentation Page – Click Here Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition Version 7.0 – New Feature · Time-To-Live – efficient aging out of “expired” data – This is a common IoT requirement. Berkeley DB JE continues to enable the most powerful embedded database solutions ·Pure Java library · Handle TBs of data with a small, lightweight, embedded library · Flexible, transactional data management engine ·Run...

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Update for Oracle Berkeley DB - Version 6.1.29

Oracle is pleased to announce an update to Berkeley DB (BDB), version 6.1.29.  We want to make sure that some important features that are in our latest release (6.2.23) are available to those of you who continue to use the 6.1 release. The highlights include: A new utility db_convert which will convert a database to the endianness of the machine it is running on. Encryption can be enabled when Binary Large Object (BLOB)  files are stored external to the database. An improved...

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BDB User Authentication

BDB User Authentication (courtesy of  Brayden Zhang) Introduction In Berkeley DB 6.2, user authentication extension is added into the SQL interface. The new user authentication layer is both secure and easy to use. In this article, we will introduce how to use the user authentication, and also explain some details. The SQLite user authentication User authentication was first included in SQLite 3.8.7, and was described well in the following page:

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Slices in BDB

Slices in Berkeley DB (courtesy of Charles Koester)  With the new Berkeley DB 6.2 release, there are a number of new features.  One of the more exciting ones is the use of Slices. It is possible to improve the multiprocessor scaling of your DB databases by implementing slices. Slices cause your database records to be spread evenly across sub-environments and sub-databases using an internal hashing algorithm. Because your records are stored in separate physical environments and...

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BDB Write Forwarding

(Courtesy of Paula Bingham)  Simpler High Availability with Write Forwarding Do you have a simple Berkeley DB application that would benefit from higher availability or improved read scalability? These are well-known benefits of using Berkeley DB High Availability (BDB-HA).  You can use BDB-HA to turn your application into a distributed application using two or more nodes.  One node is the master node on which you can perform read and write operations; the other nodes are...

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Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2 - BDB Server

Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2  (courtesy of Yong Li) BDB Server (aka. BDB as standalone server or thrift) Beyond being an industry-leading embedded key-value database, BDB Server turns BDB into a key-value database server which supports a client-server style of access. User applications can now use BDB Server client drivers to access remote BDB Servers. Currently, the following BDB features are supported by BDB Server: * B-Tree, Hash and Recno access methods. *...

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Greatly Improved SQL Index Performance for Oracle Berkeley Database, Version 6.2

A new whitepaper has been published, "Greatly Improved SQL Index Performance for Oracle Berkeley Database, Version 6.2". Learn how to increase the performance of SQL Queries using BDB. Go to:     and look at the Whitepaper section. 

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Oracle Open World 2016 - Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for Oracle Open World 2016 is open.  Please submit your proposals by May 9, 2016.  The proposal web site is:  Submit if you have an interesting use of Oracle Berkeley Database to talk about. 

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Oracle Berkeley Database (BDB) 6.2 Announced

Oracle Berkeley Database Version 6.2 ( is now available for download. Download Page – Click Here Documentation Page – Click Here Oracle Berkeley Database Version 6.2 – New Features · Slices – provides significantly better scalability on large SMP machines as compared to the previous release. · Write Forwarding – No longer are application writes restricted to the Master node when this feature is enabled.  Simple writeoperations can now be performed on the replica and...

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New Version of Berkeley DB Java Edition - 6.4.25

A new version of Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition is available that should be downloaded, Version 6.4.25.  Numerous bugs have been fixed and Oracle highly recommends that users and developers download this latest release. Click Here to go to the download page.

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Berkeley DB 12cR1 ( released

New Releases of Oracle Berkeley DB Available For Download Now Subject: Release UpdateThe newest release of Berkeley DB 12cR1 ( is available now. Here is a summary of the new features:       upgrades to in-memory OLTP throughput & performance new HA improvement to identify a single master in a 2 site replication group new HA useability improvementsnew Blob support added into replicationremoved need for fail check monitor processreduced the time for a database backup anda...

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Data management in unexpected places

Data management in unexpected places When you think of network switches, routers, firewall appliances, etc., it may not be obvious that at the heart of these kinds of solutions is an engine that can manage huge amounts of data at very high throughput with low latencies and high availability. Consider a network router that is processing tens (orhundreds) of thousands of network packets per second. So what really happens inside a router? Packets are streaming in at the rate of...

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Yammer, Berkeley DB, and the 3rd Platform

If you read the news, you know that the latest high-profile social media acquisition was just confirmed. Microsoft has agreed to acquire Yammer for 1.2 billion. Personally, I believe that Yammer’s amazing success can be mainly attributed to their wise decision to use Berkeley DB Java Edition as their backend data store. :-) I’m only kidding, of course. However, as Ryan Kennedy points out in the video I recently blogged about, BDB JE did provide the right featureset that...

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Highlights from recent Yammer video

A few weeks back, Ryan Kennedy of Yammer gave a talk about Berkeley DB Java Edition. You can find it posted here on Alex Popescu's Blog, or go directly to the video post itself. It was full of useful nuggets of information, such as why they chose to use BDB JE, performance, and some tips & tricks at the end. At over 40 minutes, the video is quite long. Ryan is an entertaining speaker, so I suggest you watch all of it. But if you only have time for the highlights, here are...

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Now you can build Berkeley DB into your Android apps

I want to make everyone aware of a small change we made in the last release that promises to make a big difference for our customers using Android. We added support for the Android platform some time back. However, there was a caveat: Berkeley DB had to be integrated at the OS level, replacing the SQLite routines that usually ship with Android. Having Berkeley DB built into the OS provided some advantages. But it also meant that customerswere unable to build a BDB-enabled app...

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2011 Was a Banner Year for Berkeley DB!

I’ve been wanting to write this post since December, and only just now getting around to it. Fortunately, the contents of the post itself will serve as a pretty good explanation for the delay. :-) I realize we’re already in February here. But I still think it’s worth mentioning what an amazing year 2011 was for the Berkeley DB team. Therefore I’d like to take a moment and look back at the major events of 2011, product by product. Berkeley DB: We set the bar pretty high, with...

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Announcing Berkeley DB Java Edition Major Release

Berkeley DB Java Edition 5.0 was just released. There are a number of new features, enhancements, and options in there that our users have been asking for. Chief among them is a new class called DiskOrderedCursor, which greatly increases performance of systems using spinning platter magnetic hard drives. A number of users expressed interest in this feature, including Alex Feinberg of LinkedIn. Berkeley DB Java Editionis part of Project Voldemort, a distributed key/value...

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Berkeley DB at OpenWorld/JavaOne 2011

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: what is Berkeley DB bringing to OpenWorld this year? Even if you’re more preoccupied with the latest iPhone 5 rumors, (I hear the front facing camera can look into your eyes and tell you what you had for breakfast) Berkeley DB users (or fans) who are planning to attend Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco about 10 days from now will want to read this post. As always, we will have a session where you can learn aboutthe cool and interesting...

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Customer Highlight: AdaptiveMobile

Last week AdaptiveMobile announced they signed a 3 year agreement to embed Oracle Berkeley DB in their Network Protection Platform, a key component of their product portfolio. AdaptiveMobile is the world leader in mobile security, enabling trusted networks for the world’s largest operator groups and protecting one in six subscribers globally. AdaptiveMobile provides operators with the most comprehensive network-based security solutions enabling them toprotect their consumer...

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New Release of Oracle Berkeley DB

We are pleased to announce that a new release of Oracle Berkeley DB, version, is available today. Our latest release includes yet more value added features for SQLite users, as well as several performance enhancements and new customer-requested features to the key-value pair API.  We continue to provide technology leadership, features and performance for SQLite applications.  This release introduces additional features that are not available in native SQLite, and...

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Embedded Systems Conference San Jose

The annual Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose was held at the beginning of May. This was Oracle’s first year at the conference, and we did get visitors who were surprised to see us there. However some people, myself included, think we're going to see increased convergence between enterprise and embedded in the coming years. I know we're not alone, because a certain other big name in enterprise systems had a booth right next to ours! Since embedded is not a topic everyone...

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Ubiquitous Mobile Applications

It goes without saying that smart phones are already very popular and enjoying rapid growth. But a few things finally happened in the last year that people have been predicting for a long time, things that could make smartphones and mobile apps an even bigger part of our lives.First off, in what many consider to be a bold move from a normally conservative company, GM has already released mobile apps that allow many of their cars to be remotely monitored, unlocked, and even...

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Is Berkeley DB a NoSQL solution?

Berkeley DB is a library. To use it to store data you must link the library into your application. You can use most programming languages to access the API, the calls across these APIs generally mimic the Berkeley DB C-API which makes perfect sense because Berkeley DB is written in C. The inspiration for Berkeley DB was the DBM library, a part of the earliest versions of UNIX written by AT&T's Ken Thompson in 1979. DBM was a simple key/value hashtable-based storage library....

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The C++ Standard Template Library as a BDB Database (part 3)

In the second entry I showed that the Berkeley DB's C++ STL API can substitute in for in-memory data structures like vectors. Now in this final installment we'll see Berkeley DB at work storing object instance data referenced by STL structures. Berkeley DB's C++ STL API, the dbstl, will automatically store the STL container in an on-disk database, but what about the data referenced by the elements within the STL container? You must choose how to store the values pointed to...

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The C++ Standard Template Library as a BDB Database (part 2)

In the first entry I touched on some of the features available when using Berkeley DB's C++ STL API. Now it's time to dive into more detail. Every copy of Berkeley DB comes with this API, there is nothing extra to download or add-on. Simply download the latest version and configure it to build the C++ and STL APIs and you're ready to go. We've worked to make it very easy to use dbstl if you already have C++ STL programming experience. It is especially easy to map your C++ STL...

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Berkeley DB TechCast Live, Watch at 10AM/PST TODAY!

Today is a big news day for Berkeley DB. We're on, the second banner. It's because today Dave Segleau, the Director of Product Management for Oracle Berkeley DB products, will chat with Justin Kestelyn about embedded databases and how Berkeley DB is the right technology at the right time for you edge/embedded/application needs. From cloud services to phone storage, Berkeley DB has you covered. Please join us on by watching the tech cast at 10AM/PST today.

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Berkeley DB Java Edition 4.1.6

Yesterday we released a new version of Berkeley DB Java Edition. This new release has some major enhancements for speed. BDB JE has always been as fast as the I/O + stable storage (disk) system for writes due to its write-once, append-only log-based architecture for fully durable commits (semi-durable, those which commit to operating system buffers rather than to the stable storage, operate at in-memory speeds). The issue until now was with random reads. Now, even with modest...

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Open SQL Camp, Boston

Look for one of our product managers, Gregory Burd, at this weekend's Open SQL Camp this weekend.

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Berkeley DB 11gR2 ( Released!

The first release of Oracle Berkeley DB with support for SQL came out roughly six months ago and was on par or better in terms of performance with SQLite while keeping 100% drop-in API compatible with the SQLite3 APIs. We tested it in Firefox, Chrome and other popular and demanding SQLite-based open source applications to make sure it worked out of the box and it did! The advantages of BDB's storage engine were clear to everyone who tried it for themselves; BDB is faster,...

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Oracle and the Mobile Enterprise not the name of a latest electronic music act to come out of LA. It would be good band name, but that's a post for a different blog. This post's purpose in life is to alert you to the fact that Oracle has a new page up explaining and summarizing the various Oracle products that fit well into the growing mobile enterprise space. Of course, Berkeley DB figures prominently into this new page. With its small footprint and low overhead, Berkeley DB is perfectly at home in...

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Berkeley DB @ OOW

The latest edition of Database Insider Newsletter highlights some what we're doing for Berkeley DB at the upcoming OpenWorld in San Francisco: To see a complete list of all BDB related activities for OpenWorld 2010, follow this link, and then: - click on Search By: 'Tags' - search for the word 'Berkeley' Hope to see you there! Eric

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Berkeley DB highlighted in Profit Magazine

In a piece on Oracle's Mobile Strategy in Profit Magazine, Berkeley DB was mentioned by Jeff Duggins as the Oracle product targeted at the mobile DB space. "Oracle Berkeley DB is a cross-platform database that already supports a lot of mobile platforms," says Duggins. Read the whole article here:

Thursday, August 5, 2010 | Berkeley DB | Read More

Oracle join the SQLite Consortium

Yesterday Oracle became the latest member of the SQLite Consortium. Over the past few months Oracle has been launching various products with new support for the SQLite3 API. Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server now supports synchronization of data within SQLite databases to Oracle Database. Oracle JDeveloper is adding support for SQLite. And most recently Oracle Berkeley DB 11gR2 ( was released with a new SQL API which is in fact a layering of SQLite query processing...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 | Berkeley DB | Read More

A LocusTree to search genomic loci using Berkeley DB Java Edition

Pierre Lindenbaum has adapted Jan Aerts' LocusTree implementation written in Ruby to work on top of Berkeley DB Java Edition. In his blog post he writes about using this combination to build a genome browser. Genomic research is rapidly growing. There is an explosion of new data and along with that an explosion of new questions to be asked of and answered by that data. George Church is behind the Personal Genome Project working to collect huge amounts of new data,...

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Use XQuery to Access XML in Emacs

There you are working on a multi-MB/GB/TB XML document or set of documents, you want to be able to quickly query the content but you don't want to load the XML into a full-blown XML database, the time spent setting things up is simply too expensive. Why not combine a great open source editor, Emacs, and a great XML XQuery engine, Berkeley DB XML? That is exactly what Donnie Cameron did. Give it a try.

Thursday, June 3, 2010 | Berkeley DB XML | Read More

Ceph: open-source petabyte scale distributed storage

You might want to read this interesting research paper titled "Object Storage on Berkeley DB". The Ceph project is a distributed network file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability, and scalability... and it uses Oracle Berkeley DB for storage.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | Berkeley DB | Read More

The C++ Standard Template Library as a BDB Database (part 1)

If you've used C++ you undoubtedly have used the Standard Template Libraries. Designed for in-memory management of data and collections of data this is a core aspect of all C++ programs. Berkeley DB is a database library with a variety of APIs designed to ease development, one of those APIs extends and makes use of the STL for persistent, transactional data storage. dbstl is an STL standard compatible API for Berkeley DB. You can make use of Berkeley DB via this API as if you...

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Berkeley DB at Oracle Open World 2009

Where to find Berkeley DB people & sessions at Oracle Open World If you are interested in hearing about Berkeley DB, learning more about how the Berkeley DB products can be integrated into your applications/appliances/devices, seeing exciting Berkeley DB customer use cases or speaking directly with one of the Berkeley DB product development engineers, you can find us here: Session ID#: S311365, Title: Oracle Berkeley DB: Lightning-Fast Key Value Storage Just Got Faster, Date:...

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Berkeley DB XML 2.5

Today is a big day for Berkeley DB products. Not only are we releasing a new version of Berkeley DB, but we also are announcing the availability of a new version of Berkeley DB XML. This release makes use of the new features in Berkeley DB 4.8 and has many exciting features of its own. New in Berkeley DB XML 2.5: Berkeley DB XML will guess what indexes might speed up your queries based on XML document shape and content anticipating potential query patterns and pre-indexing...

Monday, September 14, 2009 | Berkeley DB XML | Read More

Berkeley DB 4.8

Today we are very happy to announce the availability of an amazing new version of Berkeley DB. This release is full of new features, performance improvements, and much more. New in Berkeley DB 4.8: Performance has been enhanced for multi-threaded/process applications on CMP/SMP systems. New C# and .NET API providing more support for Microsoft programmers. New support for C++ Standard Template Library (STL) allows developers to use transactions, cache large datasets, and...

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A New BDB/HA Replication Whitepaper by Margo Seltzer

Berkeley DB has many sophisticated database features including an ability to replicate database transactions across multiple independent systems. This is what we call the "HA" or "High Availability" option for Berkeley DB. Software systems have many reasons to replicate the data on which they are operating. Berkeley DB/HA (BDB/HA) is designed to be flexible enough to cover most of these use cases. In this new whitepaper by Margo Seltzer you can read about how Berkeley DB can...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 | Berkeley DB | Read More

Welcome, let's DB->open() a conversation about data storage.

Here you will find articles about Berkeley DB products, interesting use cases, and fun factoids to keep you informed and hopefully interested in Berkeley DB products. The term "database" conjures up thoughts of SQL, tables, and client/server architecture. This hasn't always been true. Database is not just another way of saying "SQL" and it's not always a synonym for RDBMS (relational database management systems). In today's complex distributed and diverse software ecosystem...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 | Read More

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