Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition 7.0 Announced

Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition 7.0 is now available for download. Download Page – Click Here Documentation Page – Click Here Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition Version 7.0 – New Feature · Time-To-Live – efficient aging out of “expired” data – This is a common IoT requirement. Berkeley DB JE continues to enable the most powerful embedded database solutions ·Pure Java library · Handle TBs of data with a small, lightweight, embedded library · Flexible, transactional data management engine ·Run...

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Update for Oracle Berkeley DB - Version 6.1.29

Oracle is pleased to announce an update to Berkeley DB (BDB), version 6.1.29.  We want to make sure that some important features that are in our latest release (6.2.23) are available to those of you who continue to use the 6.1 release. The highlights include: A new utility db_convert which will convert a database to the endianness of the machine it is running on. Encryption can be enabled when Binary Large Object (BLOB)  files are stored external to the database. An improved...

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BDB User Authentication

BDB User Authentication (courtesy of  Brayden Zhang) Introduction In Berkeley DB 6.2, user authentication extension is added into the SQL interface. The new user authentication layer is both secure and easy to use. In this article, we will introduce how to use the user authentication, and also explain some details. The SQLite user authentication User authentication was first included in SQLite 3.8.7, and was described well in the following page:

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Slices in BDB

Slices in Berkeley DB (courtesy of Charles Koester)  With the new Berkeley DB 6.2 release, there are a number of new features.  One of the more exciting ones is the use of Slices. It is possible to improve the multiprocessor scaling of your DB databases by implementing slices. Slices cause your database records to be spread evenly across sub-environments and sub-databases using an internal hashing algorithm. Because your records are stored in separate physical environments and...

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BDB Write Forwarding

(Courtesy of Paula Bingham)  Simpler High Availability with Write Forwarding Do you have a simple Berkeley DB application that would benefit from higher availability or improved read scalability? These are well-known benefits of using Berkeley DB High Availability (BDB-HA).  You can use BDB-HA to turn your application into a distributed application using two or more nodes.  One node is the master node on which you can perform read and write operations; the other nodes are...

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Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2 - BDB Server

Information on a new feature in Berkeley DB 6.2  (courtesy of Yong Li) BDB Server (aka. BDB as standalone server or thrift) Beyond being an industry-leading embedded key-value database, BDB Server turns BDB into a key-value database server which supports a client-server style of access. User applications can now use BDB Server client drivers to access remote BDB Servers. Currently, the following BDB features are supported by BDB Server: * B-Tree, Hash and Recno access methods. *...

Monday, May 2, 2016 | Berkeley DB | Read More

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