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I have not had time to automate my blog roll publication yet. Here is the first step down that path. The following are the semantic web blogs I follow closely. I am sure I must be missing many others that are interesting. Though I already am way past the point of information overload. (For those in the same position here are some tips (via Danny))

AI3:::Adaptive Information - Atom
Mike Bergman on the semantic Web and structured Web
About the social semantic web - RSS
Web 2.0 - what's next?
Bnode - atom - RSS
Bob DuCharme's weblog, mostly on technology for representing and linking information.
Bill de hOra - atom
Bill de HOra's blog
captsolo weblog - RSS 1.0
CaptSolo weblog
connolly's blog - RSS
Dan Connolly's blog
Cloudlands - RSS
John Breslin's Blog
Daniel Lewis - RSS
A technological, personal, spiritual, and academic blog.
Dave Beckett - Journalblog - RSS 1.0
RDF and free software hacking
David Seth - RSS
Semantic Web & my backyard - RSS
Richard Cyganiak's Weblog
Elastic Grid Blog - RSS
The ultimate blog about the Elastic Grid solution...
Elias Torres - RSS
I'm working on a tagline. I promise.
Inchoate Curmudgeon - RSS
I'm getting there. What's the rush? It's about the journey, right?
Internet Alchemy - RSS
Seeing the world through RDF goggles since 2007
Kashori - RSS
Kingsley Idehen's Blog Data Space - RSS atom
Data Space Endpoint for - Knowledge, Information, and Raw Data
Les petites cases - Fourre-tout personnel virtuel de Got - RSS
Lost Boy - RSS 1.0
A journal of no fixed aims or direction by Leigh Dodds. If you see him wandering, point him in the direction of home.
Mark Wahl, CISA - RSS
Discussions on organizing principles for identity systems
Michael Levin's Weblog and Swampcast! - RSS
Software development, technobuzz, and everything else.
Minding the Planet - RSS
Nova Spivack's Journal of Unusual News & Ideas
More News - RSS
Nodalities - RSS
From Semantic Web to Web of Data - RSS
copyright, content, and you
Perspectives - RSS
Interfaces, web sémantique, hypermédia
Planet Kiwi - RSS
... where all the KiwiKnows is!
Planet RDF - RSS
It's triples all the way down
Planete Web Semantique - RSS
French Semantic Web planet
Raw - RSS 1.0
Danny's linkiness
Rinke Hoekstra - RSS
"Time is nature's way to keep everything from happening at once." - John Wheeler
S is for Semantics - Atom
Dean Allemang's Blog - Check out our new book on the Semantic Web!
Semantic Focus - RSS
On the Semantic Web, Semantic Web technology and computational semantics
Semantic Wave - RSS
News feeds and commentary maintained by semantic web developer Jamie Pitts.
Semantic Web Interest Group Scratchpad - RSS
Semantic Web Interest Group IRC scratchpad where items mentioned and commented on in IRC get collected.
Semantic Web Wire - RSS
Comprehensive News Feed for Semantic Web.
semantic weltbild 2.0 (Building the Semantic Web is easier together) - RSS 1.0
Building the Semantic Web is easier together - Atom
Speaking my mind - RSS
The whole is more than the sum
TagCommons - RSS
toward a basis for sharing tag data
TechBrew - RSS
Informative geekery on software and technology
Technical Ramblings - RSS
Ramblings of a GIS Hacker
Thinking Clearly - RSS
Make lots of money through stealth in shadows
W3C Semantic Web Activity News - RSS

I automated the creation of this blogroll by transforming the opml of my blog reader with the following xquery

declare namespace loc = "";

declare function loc:string($t as xs:string) {

   for $outline in //outline
   order by $outline/@title
          <dt><a href="{ $outline/@htmlUrl}">{ loc:string($outline/@text) }</a> - <a href="{ $outline/@xmlUrl}">{ loc:string($outline/@version)}</a> </dt>
          <dd>{ loc:string($outline/@description) }</dd>

I then had to edit a bit of the generated html by hand to make it presentable.

Thanks to the Oxygen editor for making this really easy to do.


[Trackback] Fact: Reshma Sohoni, chief executive of Seedcamp (the VC accelerator focusing on European tech startups) said in an interview this week that &#8220;In the past few months, we’ve seen a lot more developments around the semantic web,&#8221; and talked ...

Posted by Shepherd's Pi on July 25, 2008 at 11:04 AM CEST #

I guess this means that I must blog about KiWi more often - that way at least SOME of our blog posts are going to end up in your semantic blog roll.

Posted by Jana Herwig on July 28, 2008 at 06:17 AM CEST #

> I guess this means that I must blog about KiWi more often - that way at least SOME of our blog posts are going to end up in your semantic blog roll.

Yes that is probably the best for now :-)

Longer term I would like to have a feed reader that gathers information from all of my friends foaf files and automatically subscribes me to their feeds. Instead of publishing a blog roll, I suppose I would publish a top 20 most read feeds. But then again, presumably some good aggregator feeds would end up there more often than others. So you win by being in popular aggregator feeds.

Hmm, I used to be on planetrdf once...

Posted by Henry Story on July 28, 2008 at 07:29 AM CEST #

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