Monday Sep 03, 2007

Off to present at Linux World Sweden -- Of Opera and Weightlifting

In a few hours I'm off to Stockholm and Linuxworld Open Solutions Summit Sweden, taking place this Wednesday.  Thanks to Patrick, the member of our team based in Sweden and I think the only Liverpudlian in Eskiltuna, I have one of the two keynote slots at the end of the day.  In fact I'll be the warm up act for Marten Mickos of MySQL who'll be the other keynote and final speaker of the day.

Its a small world after all 

What makes this trip particularly cool is a small world story that my Dad told me recently.  I told him I was going to be presenting in Stockholm and he told about how he almost became a Swedish opera star. 

Dad winning the gold at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952

In 1953, a year after the picture above was taken, my Dad was competing in the world weightlifting championships held in Stockholm.  He and a teammate were relaxing before the meet and singing operatic arias and duets and were overheard by a Swedish sportscaster named Bengt Grive.  Through a series of connections the sportscaster got them hooked up with a singing coach and booked for a week's run at the China Theatre, a very famous venue of its day. 

My dad asked me to keep a look out for the theater when I was there and see if it was still around, thinking that most likely it had been knocked down and turned into a parking garage.  If it was still around he wanted me to get a picture of it.

Well in chatting with the folks in Stockholm, not only is the theater still around but it turns out it is part of the same exact same complex where the summit is being held! 

When I'm there I'll definitely get pictures of the place and it will be interesting to see if they have any historical archives on site and Ill see if I can find any record of the event.

Turning his back on Stardom

Although the engagement went well and they cut a record (a 78 I think) due to obligations back home dad had to forgo stardom in Sweden.   He did return however in 1989 when Swedish television brought him back for a "This is your Life" type show for Bengt. 

Well this is my first trip to Sweden and who knows what fame and fortune await me! (I do know that given that I didn't inherit my Dad's voice,  it probably wont involve singing :)

Pau for now...

Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

OpenSolaris: To 3 or not to 3, that is the Question

Well we're at an exciting point here on the "eve" of the release of GPLv3.   In light of the impending release the question has been raised, does it make sense to dual license OpenSolaris under both CDDL and GPLv3?  As OpenSolaris is already licensed under CDDL this means that the question on the proverbial table is whether to add GPLv3.  Obviously, since GPLv3 has not been released, its difficult at this point to definitively pledge support for the license or to rule it out.  That being said, however, it is an appropriate time to start soliciting opinions from the community(ies).  Whatever the final decision is, it cant be one that Sun makes in a vacuum or that is dictated to the community.

Stephen Harpster, engineering director for OpenSolaris, kicked off the dialog a week ago by soliciting feedback from the community on the idea of dual licensing Open Solaris under GPLv3  .  The funny thing is no one responded...just kidding, it has produced a maelstrom of impassioned responses.  Rather than trying to sum up the nature of the comments im going to take the easy way out and point you to Stephen O'Gradys blog from Saturday since he has done a great job of  capturing the issues. 

So thats the topic of the current community and its members...what about new members we want to attract?  One of the biggest reasons that Sun would look to add GPLv3 is to win over new converts to  "Free" Solaris and to grow the community by bringing in folks from the GNU/Linux world.   What I personally would love to see is for the GNU crew to take the Solaris kernel, wrap it in a GNUserland and create a distro that would be as easy to install as Ubuntu (which I, a marketing guy, installed recently in six easy steps that caused no feelings of  inadequacy or anxiety).   We could keep a rocket-scientist Solaris distro but why shouldnt there be multiple distros based on the Solaris kernel for various user types?

So this leads to the question, what does the FSF, the champion of GPLv3, think of all this?  Rather than pondering via inference and guesswork, we asked them.  At the end of last week, Stephen, Simon, Sara and I held a call with Peter Brown, executive director of the FSF, and a team from the FSF to get their thoughts on the possibility of dual licensing OpenSolaris.  Peter and crew were very receptive to the idea and gave us some thoughts to ponder.  It was a very good call and we ended with Peter and team agreeing to put their heads together and think through the most effective way they could help us with our decision.   The FSF'ers recognize the sensitivities around the topic and were going to give a think about how to weigh in and in which forums would be most appropriate to share their views with the OpenSolaris community as well as  Free Software advocates.

Im very interested to hear what they come back with.  Stay tuned...


Pau for now... 


I look after Sun's relationships with the various GNU/Linux communities as well as our relationship with the FSF. Last year, my family and I emigrated from Silicon Valley to Austin, TX.


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