Thursday Aug 07, 2008

Gordon Haff of Illuminata shares his views from OSCON

My last podcast from OSCON is with industry pundit Gordon Haff of Illuminata (I actually also recorded an interview with someone from Amazon Web Services but their PR department nixed it after the fact). 

I originally did an interview with Gordon at the Red Hat Summit back in June but due the vagueries of technology, it vanished.  Gordon was kind enough to give me a make up in Portland.

My interview with Gordon (15:04)  Listen (Mp3) Listen (ogg)

A man of many words. 

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • Why Gordon was attending OSCON.  It has something to do with "philosophical underpinnings."
  • Red Hat as the most successful pure-play Open Source software company.
  • How IBM has used Open Source to sell proprietary software.
  • While Microsoft may be "Dead in Theory," it keeps turning a profit.
  • Ubuntu's chances in the enterprise space
  • Sun, a clear set of strategies around Open Source.  What about execution?

For more Gordon-from-OSCON, check out this piece he did from up there: The Attribution Problem

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Monday Aug 04, 2008

Talkin' with the Open Solaris Dudes

At OSCON I was able to assemble three of the Open Solaris folks to hear about what had been going on since their launch back at CommunityOne.  I corralled OGB board members Glynn Foster and Stephen "I don't work at Sun anymore" Lau as well as, package-meister, David Comay.

My interview with Stephen, David and Glynn (17:42)  Listen (Mp3) Listen (ogg)

(If you are interested in seeing what the interview looked like, check out Stephen's pics that he took realtime.)  

Glynn, David and Stephen:  We are family, I got my brothers with me. 

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • Whats coming in the next release (OpenSolaris 8.11) due in November
  • Building up the repository.  Pushing packages every two weeks.  Looking to set up a repo for "encumbered-ware."
  • IPS and its integration with ZFS.
  • The challenges the OGB is focusing on: scaling and getting projects and communities the resources they need.
  • When we might see a Long Term Support version of OpenSolaris.
  • Intel's contribution to the kernel
  • Using Virtual Box to install OpenSolaris on Macs and Windows.
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Wednesday Jul 30, 2008

Sam Ramji of Microsoft Tells all

Last week at OSCON I ran into Sam Ramji, head of Microsoft's worldwide open source and linux team, outside of Starbucks.  He had a back-to-back meetings lined up that day but since my podcast last year was singularly responsible for his rise within Microsoft, he cut out some time for me.  [BTW, this was the day before their Apache announcement] Here is the result:

My interview with Sam (11:02)  Listen (Mp3) Listen (ogg)

I came bearing gifts.  Sam holding a real operating system (turns out he already had BeleniX loaded)

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • His new position and team (its grown from 12 to 112 people and spans 65 countries) and what they're responsible for.
  • Strategy without execution is hallucination
  • The two licenses Microsoft submitted (one BSD-like and the other copyleft and which allows dual licensing), and got approved by the OSI last year.
  • The importance of interoperability and making sure MS stuff works well with Linux/Solaris etc.
  • The work they've been doing with the Jeremy Allison and the Samba team
  • Ballmer's recent quote regarding Open Source and "recovering their agnosticism"
  • What Sam's proudest over the last year and shout outs to team members.

Want more Sam?  Check out this Infoweek article, also from OSCON.

Pau for now...

Monday Jul 28, 2008

OSCON '08 - Pictures from the Sun Party

I had a great time at O'Reilly's 10th annual Open Source Convention aka OSCON08.  I will post later about the conference itself including the podcasts I did, the announcements we made etc.  For now, here are some pics I took from the Sun Zend bash that was held in the Double Tree parking lot (which actually isn't used as a parking lot).

Above -- Row 1: (L) Tim Bray all dressed up with no place to go; (R) Geir Magnusson and Mark Shuttleworth deep in conversation.  Row 2: (L)Tim Bray and Stephen O'Grady plan out Tim's strategy for his upcoming bout; (R) A very scary clown.  Row 3: (L) The party placard; (R) Geir and Tim locked in battle.  Row 4: (L) Party Favors, complimentary MySQL boxer shorts; (R) Gordon sporting said boxers.

When Two Tribes go to War

MySQL's Monty Widenius takes on Postgres' Josh Berkus.

Above -- Row 1: (L) Pool, for those not into Sumo; (R) Jesse Silver, party organizer extraordinaire talks with Intel's Sun rep.  Row 2: Sara Dornsife, also to blame for the party; (R) A beer and a trike, what more do you need.  Row 3: (L) One of the many bouts through out the evening; (R) Preserving the bout for posterity.  Row 4: (L) Gerry and the Canonical crew (R) As the night wore on, the ring could no longer contain the warriors and the dance floor was appropriated.

Lookin' for more pics from the event?  Check out Terri's.

Pau for now...


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