Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

Sports Illustrated ranks Punahou #1

If you didn't catch the May 26 issue of Sports Illustrated, here's the scoop, Punahou School in Hawaii was named the number 1 high school athletic program in the U.S. of A! 

According to the KGMB site

That's out of more than 38,000 high schools across the nation. SI's criteria focuses on "all-around excellence during the last 10 years and included state titles won and college athletes produced."

Now when I tell people I only played J.V. soccer in high school, I have an excuse.  In fact I can say something like, "had I gone to any other high school in the country I would have been a letterman in every sport...starting freshman year."

Of Citadels and Dukes

I love the "subtle" prose that the author of the SI online article uses to describe Punahou.  My favorite line of description of the school is, "a palm-lined, 76-acre citadel of academic and athletic excellence where Aristotle meets Duke Kahanamoku." 

While I don't think either Ari or Duke attended Punahou, and if they did I'm positive they never met,  there are a bunch of other famous folks who did

Go Barry, Go!

Probably the alum most in the news recently is Barry from the class of '79 a reserve member of the state championship basketball team his senior year.  A huge congrats to him on making history and clinching the nomination.  Now its time to focus on the old guy :)

Barry in his 6th grade yearbook picture. He always took himself very seriously. (Yes, I've posted this before but I couldn't resist).

Obama in '08!

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Friday Mar 21, 2008

'Tis the Season: Debian Project Leader Elections

Well here in the U.S. the election primary season is in full swing (as if you didn't know).  Barack? Hillary? McCain? (Oh, and by the way did I mention enough times that I went to school with Barack/Barry?) 

The Open Solaris Governing Board is in the midst of its campaigning/elections with voting closing on Monday and the winners announced on Tuesday and the Debian GNU/Linux distro is in the middle of its Project Leader campaigning period.

Debian Project Leader '08 Elections

Voting for the Debian Project Leader runs between March 30 and April 13 with the victor ascending on April 17. 

In the running in this year's election are:

  1. Marc Brockschmidt  [platform]
  2. Raphaël Hertzog  [platform]
  3. Steve McIntyre  [platform]

The Line of Kings

For those of you interested in history, since its inception, there have been 10 project leaders for Debian:

  1. Ian Murdock (August 1993 – March 1996), founder of the Debian Project
  2. Bruce Perens (April 1996 – December 1997)
  3. Ian Jackson (January 1998 – December 1998)
  4. Wichert Akkerman (January 1999 – March 2001)
  5. Ben Collins (April 2001 – April 2002)
  6. Bdale Garbee (April 2002 – April 2003)
  7. Martin Michlmayr (March 2003 – March 2005)
  8. Branden Robinson (April 2005 – April 2006)
  9. Anthony Towns (April 2006 – April 2007)
  10. Sam Hocevar (April 2007 – present)
(The above taken from wikipedia.)

Who will be lucky #11? (not to be confused with client #9)

Good luck to all three and may the best man win! :)

Pau for now... 

Wednesday Dec 05, 2007

Hawaii goes to Sugar Bowl

I'm not a huge football fan but I gotta admit I'm pretty excited by the fact the University of Hawaii Warriors will be heading to the Superdome to take on Georgia on new year's day.  Hawaii, led by Heisman finalist  Colt Brennan, had a fantastic season and ended up with a perfect 12-0 season, the only team in the country to do so.

This is pretty amazing stuff and the whole state is going bananas.  The Bulldogs will be a pretty tough team to beat but there is definitely precedence for Hawaiian teams pulling out outrageous victories -- think back to wee Chaminade's stunning of Virginia in '82.

And since we're on the subject of Hawaiian athletes, I was pretty surprised to find out that Punahou graduate Michele Wie is the number four on Forbes' 20 under 25 - The top earning young superstars. (I'm always looking at ways to plug the alma mater ;  BTW did I mention that Barack Obama went to Punahou?)

Pau for now...

Wednesday Jun 06, 2007

Omidyar Joins Punahou Board of Trustees

You may have missed it, but a couple of weeks ago eBay founder and chairman Pierre Omidyar was elected to Punahou School's board of directors.  I didnt know Pierre at school but it sounds like the 8th and 9th grade years he spent there made a big impression on him.   On the board he joins another high tech superstar Steve Case, also a former Punahou student (and who lived down the street from me on Hunakai when I was little; we also went to the same college -- I have obviously done more with my life than he has).

Punahou is actually a pretty special place.  It is a private, co-educational school that was founded in 1841 by Yale missionaries and goes from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Its on a beautiful 76 acres right at the beginning of the lush Manoa valley and when you are in high school, you get to hang out between classes on the lawn under the palm trees.

Here is a list of some Punahou students you may have heard of:

  • Dr. Sun Yat Sen - Father of modern china
  • Kelly Preston - Actress
  • Barack (Barry) Obama - Senator from Illinois and candidate for president 
  • Steve Case - Former Chairman of AOL-Time-Warner
  • Pierre Omidyar - Founder and Chairman of eBay 
  • Michelle Wie - Professional golfer
  • Mosi Tatupu - NFL running back
  • Barton George - Author of this blog :)
And what blog about Punahou would be complete without another gratuitous yearbook  picture of Barack (Barry) Obama from 1973.  I have no idea why he appeared in two different pictures within the same classroom, you usually only got to be in one.  His future potential must have shown through even then.

Barack Obama in '73...Nothing quite says the 70's like placards with Zodiac signs.

Pau for now...

Tuesday Feb 06, 2007

Obama in '73

When I was home in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago I decided to dig through the boxes in my mom's garage and find some of my old Na Opios (the lower school yearbook at Punahou School).  I was looking for a picture of one of the big kids, three years ahead of me at a school named Barry Obama, now more commonly referred to as Barack.  For reference, in 1973 Barry was a big 6th grader and I was just a little 3rd grader. 

Here is the picture I found (I blurred out the other non-public figures) apparently taken at a pencil chewers convention -- the Na Opio never featured stiff formal portraits:


Serendipitiously, when I was getting the link for the Punahou School reference above, I found an interesting article that just came out today describing Obama's growing up in Hawaii and his time at Punahou.  (It even quotes my old girlfriend's brother and my 8th grade typing teacher).

My big question is (if you look in the upper left hand corner of the picture) whatever did happen to the metric system that the whole country was going to adopt?

Obama in '08!

Pau for now...



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