Thursday Sep 13, 2007

My Interview with Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation

Well I'm finally at the end of the 18 podcasts I recorded at Ubuntu Live and OSCON up in Portland.   Last, but certainly not least is my interview with Jim "Led" Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation

Just as background, the Linux Foundation was formed in January of this year when the Open Source Development Lab merged with the Free Standards Group.  Jim, who had been head of the FSG, took over as leader of the new entity.

                                                          Listen to the Interview (7:50)

Jim spreading the good word at his afternoon keynote at Ubuntu Live.

Topics: What is the Linux Foundation, where does Linus fit in;  The Mountain View collaboration summit, getting the key technical folks together and identifying areas to work on;  A friendly jab at Ian Murdock; Events around the world; Who he's bumped into at UbuntuLive

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Thursday Aug 02, 2007

My Interviews at Ubuntu Live, Day 2

Here is the second half of my interviews from Ubuntu Live. 

These are from Day 2 and show what an all star guest list the event had.  Be sure and check out me showing off my rusting Japanese when chatting with Horiguchi-san (#3 below).  Also, for an example of a customer running Ubuntu on Sun Hardware take a listen to what Chip Anderson of has to say (#4 below).

1) Marten Mickos, CEO MySQL                     Listen (6:10)

  • Topics:  I caught up with Marten after his keynote on day 2.  We discuss the LAMP, SAMP and WAMP stacks; how Marten got involved with MySQL; 110 airports; The two audiences that MySQL serves -- the ones who'll spend time to save money and the ones who'll spend money to save time; and how he thinks Jonathan Schwartz has done so far.

Marten Mickos in his afternoon keynote on day 2. \*

2) Tim O'Reilly, - Founder and CEO. O'Reilly Media Group     Listen (8:18)

  • Topics:  How Ubuntu Live came about;  How they bring on new conferences;  FOO camp;  books vs conferences;  Changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators; Being the first commercial internet site back in the day and the coolest thing about Portland.
3) Sadanori Horiguchi,  Hitachi America       Listen (3:39) [In Japanese]
  • Topics: Making use of my rusty Japanese, I ask Horiguchi-san what type of work he does , where he uses Ubuntu and what he likes best about the distro;  What are his impressions of Ubuntu Live and would he consider himself an Edo-ko?

4) Chip Anderson, President        Listen (4:17) Topics: 

  • What is, why they've chosen to go with Java and Ubuntu and why they've chosen to run it on the Sun Blade 8000; Why Chip has come to Ubuntu Live and why he digs the train from Seattle to Portland.
5) Matt Zimmerman, CTO, Canonical Inc.               Listen (3:49)
  • Topics:  What's Matt's role in helping to set Ubuntu's technical direction; how he found his way to Ubuntu and Canonical;  Dividing his time between Canonical on the desktop, server and mobile and why he recently made the move from LA to London.

 Stay tuned for more interviews from OSCON and Portland...

 \* See more professional pics from Ubuntu Live by Duncan Davidson (the first one is of myself and David Duffey, who turned me on to the pics, competing in the Bungee run. I won :)

Endnote: The above files are in mp3 (thanks Patrick),  you can grab the ogg versions here.  I would also like to give an endorsement for the Levelator, which Simon turned me on to.  It was absolutely brain dead easy to use and it basically normalizes volume, and cleans up the files for you. And its Free as in Beer and Free as in Freedom.

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Saturday Jul 21, 2007

No turntables, but a Microphone

When I was in the studio yesterday to tape my Linux segment for the Sun Developer Network they gave me a Flash mic (where the recording is done in a little flash drive self-contained in the mic iteslf) to take up to Ubuntu Live and OSCON this weekend.  The idea is to do some geurrilla style interviews that I can turn into podcasts.  Could this be the start of a whole new carrier?  Stay tuned...

BTW, speaking of OSCON, Arun has listed Sun's sessions on his blog.  I also cant forget to mention that the boss has given me the green light to buy drinks for folks at Ubuntu live monday night. 

I looked for a venue close to the event and came upon the Red Robin on 1139 Ne Grand about a block and half away from the convention center.  It may not be an uber-trendy upscale bar but convenience is key and it does possess a certain slacker/hipster ironic que ne cest quoi... and did I mention its close?

endnote:  If you didnt catch the allusion in the title of this entry its Beckian in nature, whos music Ill have to admit Ive never fully appreciated, and whom I recently found out is a scientologist.


Pau for now...

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Off to Portland via Menlo Park

Tomorrow morning I get the pleasure of getting up at 4:30 to make it to the airport on time for the 7:00AM nerd bird from Austin to San Jose.  I get up so early so that I have plenty of time for my flight. 

Last trip that extra time came in handy since when I got to the airport I found out I had forgotten my wallet.  I turned around, drove home and was back at the airport, with my wallet, an hour later and still made my flight.  Now you could argue that if I hadnt had to get up so early I wouldnt have been so sleepy that I forgot my wallet in the first place and wouldnt have need that the extra time...but thats a bit of an infinite loop and I wont go there.

Anyway Im off to the mothership tomorrow to tape a segment for the Sun Developer Network channel on Sun's GNU/Linux strategy.  The month of August will feature four to five segments that all have some Linux connection: GlassFish, JavaDB and JDK and mine will be the overview that kicks it off. 

From the Bay Area I then head up to Portland for first Ubuntu Live and then OSCON, both of which Sun is helping to sponsor.  They both have an amazing roster of folks speaking/attending and I hope to learn from, and drink with, the majority of them. 

Pau for now... 


I look after Sun's relationships with the various GNU/Linux communities as well as our relationship with the FSF. Last year, my family and I emigrated from Silicon Valley to Austin, TX.


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