Wednesday May 23, 2007

Community One...Java One...Part Two

Well here is part two of two in my Pulitzer prize winning series on Community One and JavaOne '07. 

Community One:  This was a pretty good debut for the event.  Attendance was good although it skewed a bit older (Im not sure why this was since JavaOne itself had a good balance of younger and older folks.)  The highlights of this for me was the FOSS panel discussion that  I mentioned in my last blog as well as the track on "Linux vs. Solaris" which was led by Ian Murdock.  Contrary to the provocative title, the track  actually covered how the two Operating systems had a lot to learn from each other.  It was in this context that Ian gave more insight into project Indiana.

JavaOne: This year's J1 was cranking.  There were so many people there learning, discussing, meeting and having a generally good time.  In fact some of the most productive discussions happened, as others have observed, after hours in some of the local drinking establishments.  The big news was Sun's delivering on the promise of liberating the Java platform and the introduction of  the JavaFX family of products.  We even got to work with Richard Stallman again to get a quote in support of the Java liberation.

Juggy: Another special feature of  this year's JavaOne was the appearance of Juggy the Java finch and his Sgt Pepper-esque henchmen.  This trio could be seen through out the Moscone center as well as after hours swooping down on unsuspecting victims and making them swear allegiance to Java and Free and Open Source Software.  The videos should be coming soon but until then check out the pics below. 

Getting Juggy with it -- Ian Murdock is strong armed (dont let the flowery hats fool you) into swearing allegiance to Java and FOSS at the Thirsty Bear.



Juggy strikes on the show floor while Java DB product manager Monyi Lu is trying to do booth duty. 

GNOME board memeber and kiwi-in-training Glynn Foster bellys up to the bar at Bix. 


A virtual Paul in the wicked cool and FOSS friendly project Wonderland.  See it in action.

The author in a borrowed chapeau at the Hotel W.  Most nights seemed to end up here. 

Relive the thrills and chills of JavaOne '07: The slide sets for JavaOne just came out today.  Check out the presentations from the Free and Open Source track here.   Multimedia versions of all the presentations are promised in the next month.  You can also check out the highlights of the whole conference here.


Pau for now... 


Monday May 14, 2007

Shuttleworth presents workshop, Interviewed by puppet

Im finally coming back to life after JavaONE last week.  The show was a blast and extremely well attended...but more about that over the next few days.  My most recent trip back to the bay area, which culminated in JavaONE actually started the Friday before "the great event," in Menlo Park - center of the Sun universe.  

Bright and early Friday morning I met up with Mark Shuttleworth and the Canonical Crew.  Mark and team arrived at Sun at the end of their week-long tech workshop tour of major US computer vendors (they were obviously saving the best for last).  Unlike the other vendors whose primary interest was figuring out how to make Ubuntu run on their hardware (we already have that sussed ;-) the Ubuntu workshop at Sun focused on how to get more software into the Ubuntu distribution. 


In attendance were about 50 engineers/developers representing GlassFish, NetBeans, Solaris, Sun Studio, the JDK....  The workshop lasted 2 and half hours and was quite interactive, dealing with topics such as development processes, release and maintenance cycles, repositories, packaging, community support and how to contribute.  Tom Marble and Harpreet Singh who did the bulk of the work from the Sun side in getting the Java platform stack into Ubuntu 7.04 also got up and shared their experiences.  All in all the workshop was a great success.

Besides the workshop, Mark also had a couple of meetings including one with our CEO Jonathan Schwartz.  But even the meeting with Jonathan Im sure dosent hold a candle to the highlight of Mark's Sun visit -- his live interview with Juggy the Java Finch.  Juggy, who can be seen talking to everyone at Javapolis in January,  serendipitously caught Mark between meetings.  (As soon as the actual interview is posted ill be sure to put a link.)

Juggy and Shuttleworth square off 

Pau for now... 


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