Monday Jun 02, 2008

Pics from Prague

As I've mentioned before, two weeks ago I headed to Prague to attend FOSS Camp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the next release, Intrepid Ibex.  The way the schedule was set-up we had a free day on Sunday between the two events.  

After catching up on some badly needed sleep I headed off early Sunday afternoon to explore the city.  Here are a few pictures from my adventures.

Pau for now...

Wednesday May 21, 2008

FOSS Camp Prague

Last night I got back at 1AM from a glorious week in Prague.  The first two days were spent attending FOSS camp, followed by a day off to explore the city and then Monday I attened the opening day of the Ubuntu Developer Summit (aka UDS Intrepid).

The view from my hotel room.  Not bad for a Holiday Inn!

Setting up Camp

FOSS Camp was sponsored by Canonical but its focus was on FOSS in general and not limited to Ubuntu.  The event was a great opportunity for "Team Sun" (composed of people from OpenJDK, OpenOffice, GlassFish and NetBeans) to present what we have been working on, meet a lot of the community players and learn about other projects.  Unlike UDS,  FOSS camp was in an unstructured un-conference format where people basically went up to a white board at the beginning of each day and wrote up sessions they wanted to lead:

One of the sessions that was particularly helpful was the packaging jam/tutorial that Daniel Holbach led.  Also, in the OpenOffice session which Mark Shuttleworth and Zonker of OpenSUSE joined, I felt there was some definite progress made between the two OO camps. [Check out Zonker's take on FOSS Camp here.]

Overall there were about 80 folks who attended over the two days.  Sun had 10 folks who attended and hailed from a handful of locations: Silicon Valley, Prague, Hamburg, Austin and St. Petersburg.  Oh and did I mention that the food was really good?!

Stay tuned for my UDS day one report and pics....

Jono Bacon kicks off FOSS Camp with a sermon on the evils of alcohol, while Mark Shuttleworth looks on

Team Sun and Daniel: (L-R) David (OpenJDK), Daniel (MOTU god), Stefan (OpenOffice), Nitya (GlassFish), Me, Marek & Alexei (NetBeans)

OpenOffice session  

View from the session room. 

An unholy alliance of community leaders, Zonker of OpenSUSE and Jono of Ubuntu fame. 

Heading off to dinner. 

Prague isn't ugly. 

Beer, Absinthe and outdoor dining, who could ask for more?! 

Night in the old town square. 

Pau for now... 

Monday Nov 12, 2007

Boston: FOSSCamp and Ubuntu Developer Summit

I'm finally getting time to post about the event(s) I attended in Boston a few weeks ago.  

On Sunday I caught the second day of FOSScamp and on the Monday I attended the opening day of the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) focused on the Hardy Heron release (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS).  I also got a chance to visit with Michael Goulde of Forreser Research and Peter Brown of the Free Software Foundation.

The UDS opening day welcome. 

Both FOSScamp and UDS were held at the geek-themed Hotel@MIT.  FOSSCamp was an unconference with topics for discussion scribbled up on a big board at the beginning of both days.  Matthias "Doko" Klose put me up to co-hosting an OpenJDK discussion with him.   We had a good turn out and a fair amount of interest in what was going on in the space. 

FOSSCamp command central: Scott Jame Remnant, James Troup, Claire Newman. 

UDS was open to the public but its goal was "to get Ubuntu developers -- who usually collaborate online -- to work together in person on specific tasks." and actually get specs written.  The summit was divided into seven tracks: Platform, Desktop, Server, QA, Community, Kernel and Mobile.

The geek-theme even carried over to the blankets.

I also had my trusty FlashMic with me and bagged four more interviews: Mark Shuttleworth, Benjamin "Mako" Hill, Peter Brown and Rick Clark, head of Canonical's recently created server group.    As of  last week's trip to Oklahoma City, I have no more travel scheduled for the rest of the year and should be able to start posting the back log of interviews Ive accumulated.

Just a small subset of the UDS attendee mug shots 

A wacky building on the MIT campus (aka the Stata center designed by Frank Gehry). 

Claire and the crew of Shuttleworth One - the only way to fly!

Oh yea, and the Sox won!

Pau for now...

Monday Nov 05, 2007

Red Hat joins the Free Java Party in a big way

A while ago when Sun first announced that it was open sourcing the Java platform, Red Hat joined members of the community in voicing their support.  In fact they even put a big thank you on their home page.

This morning they've gone even further and turned their kind words into action by announcing that they have signed Sun's contributor agreement (SCA).   By signing the SCA, all Red Hat engineers are now able to participate in any and all of Sun's Free and open source projects. 

Maybe more importantly, and certainly more timely, in addition to the SCA, Red Hat has also signed Sun's Open JDK Community TCK License and have joined the OpenJDK community.

Iced Tea anyone?

By signing the TCK license Red Hat now has access to the test suite (TCK) to verify that whatever JDK derivatives they create are fully compatible with the Java SE 6 spec.  This is particularly good news for Free Java lovers everywhere since there still remains 4% of the JDK code that is encumbered (i.e. owned by 3rd parties who not agreed to open source their bits).  Over the past months, folks here at Sun have been working quite diligently in clearing these last few hold outs.

At the same time our folks have been burning the midnight oil, a bunch of the engineers with Red Hat/Classpath project have been putting in a lot of time working on their own completely Free JDK  playfully dubbed, "IcedTea."  Now with the TCK/SCA in hand this should drive greater alignment between the two projects and the IcedTea team will not only be able to contribute directly to OpenJDK, but also  test for compatibility.

This is good news for everyone.  The desire for a completely Free JDK, sooner rather than later, is not only of interest to Sun and Red Hat but was a big topic at FOSSCamp last week.  Now with Red Hat throwing their hat in the ring (sorry, I couldn't resist the bad pun) things should start happening a lot sooner to the benefit of GNU/Linux and other Free distros everywhere.

Thanks Red Hat and welcome!

Pau for now...


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