Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

Dell to Offer Solaris - Partnering like its 1999

Another competitor has just announced that it will be selling Solaris subscriptions.  Today at Oracle world Michael Dell and Jonathan Schwartz announced a multiyear deal whereby Dell will distribute Solaris OS with Solaris support subscriptions on select Dell PowerEdge servers. 

This is the third big HW vendor this year that has pledged support for Solaris (HP are ya listening? ;-).  More importantly, today's announcement is part of a trend that began four years ago but has really accelerated this past year -- Sun's acceptance that the solid Sun stack (SPARC + Solaris) is no longer the only answer.  

To survive and thrive in today's ecosystem customers need to be able combine components from various vendors to meet their needs and fit their environments, if the vendors don't facilitate this, the customers will go elsewhere.  Sometimes this may mean Dell or IBM gear running Solaris and sometimes this means Sun boxes supporting Windows or Red Hat. 

The List

When you look at the list of deals that Sun and its enemies partners have struck in the past four years, its pretty impressive:

As I mentioned, you'll notice that 2007 has been a particularly busy year. 

Can't wait to see who's next.

Pau for now...

Thursday Aug 09, 2007

Dell and Ubuntu go Euro (and take OpenOffice with them)

Less than two and half months after Dell and Canonical began shipping Dell machines preloaded with Ubuntu in the States, they've jumped the pond.  You can now get an Inspiron 6400 notebook or a 530N pre-loaded with Ubuntu in the U.K., France and Germany.

Congrats guys on the growing relationship and thanks/merci/danke for bringing Openoffice, pre-loaded on tier-one boxes, to European consumers! 

Thursday May 24, 2007

Congratulations Dell and Ubuntu!

Well last night they made it officially, offical.  Dell is preloading Ubuntu 7.04 on the XPS 410n and Dimension E520n desktops and the Inspiron E1505n notebook.  The Open Source product manager at Dell thinks they'll sell 20K units, who knows could be a lot more.

Give the People what they want:  Late this afternoon, the web pages on both sites were updated to feature the news and to allow web-based purchasing of  the Ubuntu/Dell systems.  On the Dell site the Ubuntu announcement is one of the rotating homepage features.   The headline reads:  "By Popular Demand Ubuntu has arrived."  Followed by,  "The Dell community spoke and we listened.  The Linux-based operating system is now available for work or home."  The Ubuntu home page is a little cheekier: "Ubuntu is super easy to install.  But Why not have Michael do the work for you. Ubuntu on Dell.  Available Now.  Configure and Buy!"

Collateral Damage Advantage:  And more good news within this announcement is the fact that by virtue of offering systems preloaded with Ubuntu, Dell becomes the first Tier 1 PC vendor to distribute OpenOffice.   Consumers are now able to obtain,from a top shelf manufacturer, a free and open source alternative to proprietary productivity suites .

A big day in the FOSS world all around.

A toast to Michael and Mark!


Pau for now... 

Tuesday May 01, 2007

Dell to offer Ubuntu: Mark gets his Tier 1

Its officially official.  After rumors, conjecture and articles about Michael Dell using Ubuntu on his personal laptop the companies have fessed up to the fact that Dell will be offering Ubuntu pre-installed on laptops and PCs.  At this point the details are still sketchy but the companies promise to get back to us in a couple of weeks with specifics on hardware, configs and pricing. 

So now Mark "finally" gets his Tier 1 PC vendor shipping his baby and Dell's customers get what they've been clamoring for.  It will be interesting to see how many general consumers buy the offering versus developers and more technical folks and what type of volume Canonical will be supporting when the floodgates open.  

Ill be seeing Mark on Friday, he and his team will be holding a technical workshop at Sun on how package for Ubuntu, and Ill have to pump him for more information then. :-)

Pau for now...

Thursday Mar 15, 2007

While I was Unpacking...the Penguin marched on

Well while we've been moving the family to Austin -- driving across country, flying back across country, packing boxes, unpacking boxes, looking for local doctors, finding dry cleaners, dealing with the stomach virus (all 5 of us in succession, like dominoes) etc. -- the GNU/Linux world has churned on. 

Here are a few of the interesting events that have taken place while Ive been distracted:

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