Thursday Apr 24, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04LTS is Live -- Sun Systems First to be Certified!

A few hours ago, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Long Term Support) made its worldwide debut.  Parties are being held by LoCo teams around the world and there is even an IRC bash that is currently going on.


This is Ubuntu's second LTS version and just like the first, Ubuntu 6.06LTS, this one has been certified to run Sun systems.   Not only that but so far Sun is the only major vendor to be certified on 8.04LTS. 

8.04 is a big deal because, as an LTS, it is supported with free patches and upgrades for five years on the server and three years on the desktop.  Normal releases are supported for 18 months on both the server and desktop.  This is Canonical's big run at the enterprise and its great to be a part of it!

Which Sun Systems?

Canonical has certified four Sun servers, three new ones and one which has been certified since the last LTS.  These servers represent both AMD and Intel based systems and, in the case of the AMD-based X2200M2 and the Intel-based X4150 the certification holds for both the dual and quadcore versions.  Also certified is the Intel-based Ultra 24 workstation which was first certified on the 7.10 release.

Ubuntu 8.04LTS
Ubuntu 7.10
Ubuntu 7.04
Ubuntu 6.06LTS
AMD Sun Fire X2100 M2 server certified

Sun Fire X2200 M2 server certified

AMD Sun Fire X4100 server certified certified certified certified
Sun Fire X4150 server certified

Sun Ultra 24 workstation certified certified


The Heron has landed - Congrats all around!

So a toast to the Ubuntu community, Canonical and Hardy Heron, a most excellent release!


Pau for now... 

Thursday Apr 03, 2008

My Video Interview with Jon O'Bacon -- Ubuntu Community Leader

Ok, so Jono's real surname is Bacon (just like Redmonk pundit Steveo's real last name is Grady). 

Jono was on the West Coast after having just given the keynote at SCALE and was gracious enough to stop by Sun's studios before a talk he was giving at Google.  (This glorious event also marked my debut as a guest host on Sun's SDN Channel.)

Jono is a big supporter of the foundation to end squirrel-on-squirrel violence.

(If you cant see the video above, try this.) 

The Big LUG

If you're interested in seeing Jono live and uplugged (or is that unhinged?) and will be in the Bay Area next weekend you'll want to catch LugRadio Live USA 2008, April 12 - 13th.  This wild and wacky event marks LugRadio's US debut and will be chock-a-block full of open source luminaries (including Sun's own Ian Murdock and Josh Berkus).

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Tuesday Nov 27, 2007

Latest UltraSPARC servers certified for Ubuntu


Well its official, as of the Friday before Thanksgiving,  the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server (pictured above) and its little brother the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server were certified by Canonical on their latest release, Ubuntu 7.10 (nee "Gutsy Gibbon").

At the time of the T5220/5120 launch last month, Gutsy had not yet been released but I gave a heads up that certification would be coming.  Well its here

These new systems, based on the T2 processors (8 cores x 8 threads = 64 threads per chip), are uber-beefed up versions of the T1000/T2000 cool-thread servers that Canonical originally certified on.  To learn more about these new systems check out a collection of blogs here.  And if you want to try one for free for 60 days, you can sign up here.

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Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

A visit to Canonical's Worldwide Headquarters

Since I was in the neighborhood last week, after Stockholm I popped over to London to meet with my boss in his natural habitat as well as with the good folks from Canonical.  I also stopped by Sun's City office and gave a repeat of my LinuxWorld presentation.

Simon (the boss) reminisces with Mark Murphy of Canonical about the good ol' days of the UK computer industry.

The houses of parliament from Canonical's breakroom.

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Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

More LDom Love from Fabio

Fabio (pictured above, sans beard) recently posted a "How to" regarding the   work he's being doing on LDoms.  As he mentions, at this stage these tips arent meant for the uninitiated.

Thanks Fabio for sharing the love.  Hack on brother, hack on...

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Monday May 14, 2007

Shuttleworth presents workshop, Interviewed by puppet

Im finally coming back to life after JavaONE last week.  The show was a blast and extremely well attended...but more about that over the next few days.  My most recent trip back to the bay area, which culminated in JavaONE actually started the Friday before "the great event," in Menlo Park - center of the Sun universe.  

Bright and early Friday morning I met up with Mark Shuttleworth and the Canonical Crew.  Mark and team arrived at Sun at the end of their week-long tech workshop tour of major US computer vendors (they were obviously saving the best for last).  Unlike the other vendors whose primary interest was figuring out how to make Ubuntu run on their hardware (we already have that sussed ;-) the Ubuntu workshop at Sun focused on how to get more software into the Ubuntu distribution. 


In attendance were about 50 engineers/developers representing GlassFish, NetBeans, Solaris, Sun Studio, the JDK....  The workshop lasted 2 and half hours and was quite interactive, dealing with topics such as development processes, release and maintenance cycles, repositories, packaging, community support and how to contribute.  Tom Marble and Harpreet Singh who did the bulk of the work from the Sun side in getting the Java platform stack into Ubuntu 7.04 also got up and shared their experiences.  All in all the workshop was a great success.

Besides the workshop, Mark also had a couple of meetings including one with our CEO Jonathan Schwartz.  But even the meeting with Jonathan Im sure dosent hold a candle to the highlight of Mark's Sun visit -- his live interview with Juggy the Java Finch.  Juggy, who can be seen talking to everyone at Javapolis in January,  serendipitously caught Mark between meetings.  (As soon as the actual interview is posted ill be sure to put a link.)

Juggy and Shuttleworth square off 

Pau for now... 

Thursday Apr 19, 2007

A Jolt of Caffeine for Ubuntu 7.04

As I mentioned in my last entry, back in November Sun and Canonical announced that GlassFish would be included in the next Ubuntu release.  Well today's the day.  Ubuntu 7.04 nee "Feisty Fawn" is out and not only is GlassFish v1 included in the Ubuntu Multiverse but so are NetBeans 5.5, JDK 6 and Java DB 10.2 -- the whole Java stack in one location.   A big plus for developers looking to harness Java with minimal hassles. (Check out the details)

Getting to Today:  The effort to package these puppys for inclusion turned out to be no small feat.  Sun is new to the packaging game and there is quite steep learning curve.   Thanks to a lot of  late nights and a few weekends Tom Marble and  Harpreet Singh, with a bunch of help and advice from the Canonical crew and Sun legal,  got it done.  (Ironically, Canonical will be coming out to Sun's Menlo Park campus in a couple of weeks to put on a technical workshop explaining, among other things, how to package for Ubuntu.)

Getting to Tomorrow:  In general the distro model with its modular packages is where Sun needs to get to.  We need this so that we can get more of our software into GNU/Linux distros and we need this for our own Solaris.  The monolithic-wad model that we've been employing works fine for our more traditional customer but isnt the right approach for the growth (or as Sun calls it "Red Shift") market.  The hyper growth market needs to be able to rapidly include and assemble components and functionality themselves.  This requires packaging and package management.  I know that Ian's been talking about this as has Greg P.  I would love to see us packaging more of our software for inclusion in Ubuntu as well as other distros.

But thats, a huge toast to the Ubuntu community for delivering another great release (right on time!) and to Tom, Harpreet and the Canonical crew for making sure that it was fully caffeinated!

P.S. In honor of this red-letter day we have created special commemorative mints and gum.


Pau for now...



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