Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Free Java in Ubuntu 8.04LTS; Coming soon to Fedora 9

Last week, with the release of Ubuntu 8.04LTS, came the debut of the JDK in Ubuntu's Universe repository.  

Universe? So What?

While the JDK had been in Ubuntu's Multiverse before, getting into Universe meant having JDK packages based on OpenJDK6 that were 100% free. This was made possible by the work of a lot of people at Sun and the community (most notably the folks at Fedora cranking on IcedTea).  

The effort to produce the Free implementation started in earnest, as Mark Reinhold points out, last summer when Joe Darcy began creating a Free software "JDK6 code base by removing new features from a clone of the JDK 7 code and then gradually working through the remaining encumbrances and other issues." 

Having a Free implementation of the JDK also opens the doors for packages that depend on a JDK being in Universe, one example being NetBeans, which also made its Universe debut in 8.04LTS. 

Fedora Next

Free Java also means that  Fedora 9 which is due out in a couple of weeks on May 13, will also be able to include an OpenJDK implementation (Fedora, unlike Ubuntu, only accepts Free software).   Specifically, according to Lillian at Red hat's blog, the java-1.6.0-openjdk  package will replace java-1.7.0-icedtea that was in Fedora 8.   Check out the details here on the Fedora wiki.  More hoopla to come on the actual release of Fedora 9.

Mahalo Doko

A huge shout-out to Doko, aka Matthias Klose, the Ubuntu Java ubermensch who did the actual packaging of OpenJDK and then went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the latest versions of GlassFish and JavaDB made it into 8.04LTS as well.

Doko and me in an Edinburgh pub last summer at Debconf7.  I owe him a few more of what he's holding in his hand.

Java in Ubuntu -- A Trip down Memory Lane

The JDK first appeared in Ubuntu two years ago in the 6.06LTS release and was made possible by the DLJ (Distribution License for Java) which made Java technology redistributable.  One release later, the JDK was joined in Multiverse by some of its buddies: GlassFish, NetBeans and JavaDB.  In 7.10, the "Java Stack" while still in Multiverse was made up of rev'd component pieces.  And now with 8.04LTS, NetBeans and the JDK are both in Universe and GlassFish and Java DB have been updated. 

Stay tuned for Intrepid Ibex and see where Java lands next!

Java Component
Ubuntu 8.04LTS
Ubuntu 7.10 - Multiverse
Ubuntu 7.04 - Multiverse
Java Dev Kit   Universe: based on OpenJDK6
Multiverse:  6u6
NetBeansIDE  Universe: 6.0.1
5.5.1 v1
5.5, 5.5.1\*
GlassFish  Multiverse: v2u1 
Java DB  Multiverse: 10.3

\*in backport

Want More?

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Wednesday Apr 23, 2008

MySQL Conf08 - My Interview with Jennifer Venable of Red Hat

Last Tuesday when I was walking the show floor at the MySQL conference, I ran into a familiar name,  Jennifer Venable.  I had never met Jennifer before but we had traded mails and had spoken on the phone.  This was about 18 months ago when we were negotiating the renewal of Sun's contract as an Authorized Distributor of Red Hat.  At that time, Jennifer was the Red Hat lawyer working on the contract.

Well since that time Jennifer has escaped from the Red Hat legal ranks and has joined the business side where, as of a couple of months ago, she took over as head of the Red Hat Exchange. 

Take a listen.

My interview with Jennifer (12:25)  Listen (Mp3)   Listen (ogg)

The venerable Ms. Venable. 

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • What is Red Hat Exchange (RHX) and where is now located within Red Hat's org.
  • The ISVs that RHX focuses on (open source ISVs that also offer support)
  • Whats an EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) and how they sit between Fedora and RHEL.
  • How Jennifer made her way from legal beagle to RHX head.
  • The upcoming Red Hat Summit, June 18-20 in Boston, and how this year it will be co-located with FUDCon.
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Sunday Apr 20, 2008

Pics from MySQL Conference '08

This past week I was out in the Bay Area for the MySQL Conference and Expo.  I hit the pre-event parties and attended the conference's opening day.   The first day featured a great set of opening keynotes from Marten Mickos, Jonathan Schwartz and Werner Vogel, CTO of Amazon. 

Marten Mickos, tellin' like it is. 

Jonathan Schwartz divulging Sun's "secret plot." 

The main reason for my attendance at the Conference was to get a bunch of podcast interviews as well as to be interviewed by the press as Sun's "Linux Guy."  I ended talking to the Register, Information Week and DevX as an interviewee. 

As an interviewer I was able record podcasts with:

Look for these to be posted this week. 

Rich Green, EVP of Software at Sun and Marten's  boss, Sun Visor gave out awards for Applications, , Partners, and Community members of the year.

Zack Urlocker and Tim O'Reilly talk to the press at the press reception.

Kaj Arno of MySQL and Ann of Zmanda strike a pose in the press room. 

The lunch was definitely one of the nicer ones I've had at a tech conference and the location didn't suck either. 

The evening soiree on the exhibition floor. 

Sebastian Bergmann poses at the O'Reilly table with the PHPUnit pocket guide he authored (I put him up to it).

As I mentioned above, I should be posting the podcasts I recorded this week.

Pau for now...

Friday Apr 11, 2008

The Linux Foundation Summit: Of Maddogs and Englishmen (and Sharks)

Earlier this week I attended the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, serendipitously held here Austin.  It was a fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of the people in the community whom I hadn't met before as well as to catch up with old friends.

Maddog (R) helping Executive Director Jim "Led" Zemlin to Flourish 

Great Speakers
(and I'm not talking Bose, which really aren't great speakers anyway)

There was an impressive line up of panels and speakers the first day of the summit ranging from Al Gillen of IDC to the Kernel Hackers panel to Brian Stevens, CTO of Red Hat (here's a good write up of the panel and Al's presentation).  My personal favorite, and I may be biased, was Marten Mickos' presentation.  I thought he came across as sincere and relaxed, yet authoritative.  Marten re-affirmed MySQL's commitment to GNU/Linux and talked about the "New Sun" characterized by, among other things, a "bold and humble new management."

One thing that struck me, particularly during the Q&A session of the kernel panel, was the preponderance of Englishmen.  It seemed for a while there,  one question after another was being asked by someone sounding like Hugh Grant (or at least closer to M. Grant than Ricky Gervais). 

A Super Location 

The event was held at UT's Super Computing Center about 10 minutes from my office and the exact same place where, six weeks ago I attended the dedication of Ranger: the Sun Constellation Linux Cluster.  In fact during the Summit they had tours of Ranger, aka"the world's most powerful supercomputer for open science research." 

If you want to get a feel of what its like to walk-through this uber computer check out this video that  Whurley shot during the tour.

Qua bottle lounge, where Tuesday's fete was held: Below the plexiglass dance floor swam sharks and manta rays.

Open Source, Open Bar

Of  course the biggest value in a summit like this comes in the after hours get togethers where you really get to meet people.  The Summit was no exception.  While the breakfast spread at the conference was put to shame by the breakfast spread that the Free Software Foundation (the Free Software Foundation!) offered at its member meeting, the food and drink Tuesday night was first class. 

I can't remember the last time I've been to a truly open bar.  I reflexively asked for a beer at the bar assuming that beverages would be limited to beer and two colors of wine.  I was quite surprised then a little while later when the hostess asked the person next to me what they wanted to drink he asked for a vodka tonic.  From there on it was margaritas for me!

James Bottomley (kernel SCSI god) picks the second winner in the raffle. I was the first winner and will be getting the new HP mini note running SUSE, Yippee!

Old Apple buddies, Mark Murphy (now of Canonical and who has the pleasure of dealing with me on a regular basis) and Zaheda Bhorat (of Google and tireless ODF champion) 

Pau for now.... 

Friday Apr 04, 2008

Talkin' MySQL (conference) with Jay Pipes

Yesterday I chatted with Jay Pipes at his home in the Buckeye State.  Jay is the North American community manager for MySQL and very recent Sun employee.  We chatted about whats up in the world of MySQL and all about the MySQL Conference thats coming up in 10 days (April 14-16, in Santa Clara).

My interview with Jay (10:01)  Listen (Mp3)   Listen (ogg)

Photo by Sebastian Bergmann

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • The ability at the MySQL conference to have a beer with the actual guy who wrote the code for the replication engine.
  • The super secret promo code from O'Reilly for those who listen to this podcast (mys08pcd)
  • The awesome line-up of keynote speakers -- including high-muckety-mucks from Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr...)
  • How writing a book on MySQL can get you hired.
  • Java -- moving beyond MySQLs strengths in Perl, PHP and Ruby (would that be the LAMJ stack? that rolls right off the tongue)

 Pau for now...

Thursday Apr 03, 2008

My Video Interview with Jon O'Bacon -- Ubuntu Community Leader

Ok, so Jono's real surname is Bacon (just like Redmonk pundit Steveo's real last name is Grady). 

Jono was on the West Coast after having just given the keynote at SCALE and was gracious enough to stop by Sun's studios before a talk he was giving at Google.  (This glorious event also marked my debut as a guest host on Sun's SDN Channel.)

Jono is a big supporter of the foundation to end squirrel-on-squirrel violence.

(If you cant see the video above, try this.) 

The Big LUG

If you're interested in seeing Jono live and uplugged (or is that unhinged?) and will be in the Bay Area next weekend you'll want to catch LugRadio Live USA 2008, April 12 - 13th.  This wild and wacky event marks LugRadio's US debut and will be chock-a-block full of open source luminaries (including Sun's own Ian Murdock and Josh Berkus).

Pau for now...

Thursday Mar 27, 2008

Hollywood and Free Software -- Talking to Henri Poole

At the Free Software Foundation's members meeting that I recently attended, I was able to grab FSF board member Henri Poole.  I caught Henri right after he gave his talk, "Hollywood and Free Software."  I don't know about you but "Free Software" and "Hollywood" are not words that I often see in the same sentence.

My interview with Henri (6:31)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)


Who is Henri?

  • FSF board member since 2002
  • Co-founder of CivicActions which, among other things, is working on Peter Gabriel's Witness project, creating the WITNESS video hub.
  • A Berkeleyite who began hacking code as teenager in Oklahoma
  • The former head of Mandrake Soft.
  • The former Director of Technology for Dennis Kucinich's US Presidential campaign.

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • The writers strike and how it provided for a receptive audience
  • Meeting up with 15 members of the writers guild at the house of the writer of Schindler's List
  • The birth of "Virtual Artists": entertainment and software writers coming together to enlighten the world through a new form of story telling.
  • Matching the technology with the strategic direction
  • Looking for management, funding and what the next few months holds.

Pau for now... 

Wednesday Mar 12, 2008

Still More OGB Interviews: Peter Tribble, Rich Teer, Al Hopper, Jim Grisanzio

Here are four more interviews that I've conducted with the OGB candidates since my post this morning. 

This set kicks off in Cambridge (UK) with Peter Tribble and then heads west to British Columbia and Rich Teer.  After that my next call took me due north of my location here in Austin, to Plano, Texas where Al Hopper is.  For the last call I spoke with Jim Grisanzio who is currently on vacation in Florida.  Enjoy!

Peter Tribble (7:44)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

Rich Teer (7:46)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

Al Hopper (8:30)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

Jim Grisanzio (8:30)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg) 


And with these we now have an even dozen.  Lets see if any of the others decide to go for it (I did hear from Stephen Lau who is on vacation in Vietnam and is without decent phone connectivity.  Given the circumstances Ill send him the questions I've been asking everyone and let him reply by email).

Pau for now... 

Update (March 13):  I've since heard from Ken Mays and Alan Coopersmith.  Look for those on Monday. 


More OGB Interviews: Simon Phipps, Michal Bielicki, Glynn Foster, Justin Erenkrantz

With yesterday's interviews for the Open Solaris Governing Board I took a virtual trip around the world and visited four countries. 

My first "stop" was the UK where Simon Phipps was riding out gale force winds.  From there I headed across the channel and over to Germany where Michal Bielicki described the conditions as dark (probably having to do with the fact that it was 8PM there).  I then ventured south, across the dateline and into the future to New Zeland to chat with Glynn Foster.  Finally I returned to North America and the US to speak with Justin Erenkrantz.  I wonder if I can get virtual frequent flyer miles?

Simon Phipps (8:02)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

Michal Bielicki (7:28)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

Glynn Foster (7:36)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

Justin Erenkrantz (7:32)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

More to come

I have four more candidates lined up for this afternoon so look for those tomorrow.

Pau for now...

OGB interviews: Michelle Olson, John Plocher, John Beck, Ben Rockwood

Here are the first four interviews for the Open Solaris Governing Board

The first brave individual to step up was Michelle OlsonJohn Plocher followed close behind on Friday and on Monday I taped John Beck and Ben Rockwood.  Enjoy!

Michelle Olson (7:42)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

John Plocher (7:44)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

John Beck (7:26)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

Ben Rockwood (8:50)  Listen (Mp3)    Listen (ogg)

More to come very soon, 

Pau for now... 

Tuesday Mar 11, 2008

The Open Solaris Governing Board 2.0 - Elections and Interviews

Last week the official starting gun went off for Open Solaris Governing Board (OGB) elections.  Voting opened yesterday and will stay open for the next two weeks, closing on Monday, March 24th.  The day after that the results will be announced and the new board will ascend to power on April 1.

A History Lesson

The precursor to the OGB was the Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board (CAB) was composed of 5 members — 2 from Sun, 2 from the OpenSolaris pilot community, and 1 from the open source community. The CAB was created to develop an OpenSolaris Charter and Governance and to drive consensus within the community.

With the approval of the OpenSolaris Charter, the CAB actually became the first OpenSolaris Governing Board (OGB) until the March 2007 elections.

Last year at this time the first elected OGB came into existence.

Fast Forward to Today

This year there are 19 individuals who have announced their candidacy:

  • John Beck
  • Michal Bielicki
  • Dennis Clarke
  • Alan Coopersmith
  • Justin Erenkrantz
  • Glynn Foster
  • Jim Grisanzio
  • Brian Gupta
  • Al Hopper
  • Stephen Lau
  • Ken Mays
  • Michelle Olson
  • Simon Phipps
  • John Plocher
  • Ben Rockwood
  • Joerg Schilling
  • John Sonnenschein
  • Rich Teer
  • Peter Tribble

 As part of the process, I have picked up the podcast mantle from Simon.  Last year Simon volunteered to conduct interviews with the candidates and, given that he himself is running this year, he has passed the baton (or mic in this case) to me.

I will be posting the interviews on this blog and they will also officially be linked to from the Candidate Matrix which also includes bios, positioning statements and affiliations where provided.

Best of luck to all!

Pau for now...

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

OpenOffice goes V3!

Big news today, starting with the April release of OpenOffice, it will be licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License, Version 3, (LGPLv3).  This license upgrade was decided based on input from the community and is an evolution from OpenOffice's current license:  LGPLv2.  While Sun previously chose v3 for xVM Ops Center, OpenOffice represents a much bigger ball of code and, as far as I know is the largest project yet to go v3.

Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution 

Yesterday I was able to grab a few folks to talk about this change and what it means for OpenOffice and Free Software.  On the line I had Michael Bemmer who, among other things, runs StarOffice, OpenOffice for Sun, Jim Parkinson VP of Developers tools and Michael's boss and Peter Brown, executive director of the Free Software Foundation.


My Interview with Jim, Michael and Peter (9:47)    Listen mp3    Listen ogg 

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • The other piece of news, moving to the Sun Contributor agreement and what that means.
  • Why L rather than regular GPL?
  • What about a foundation?
  • The GPLv3 drafting process, whats been added since V2?
  • Whats the reaction been?


Extra Credit Reading/Listening:

Pau for now.... 


Thursday Feb 21, 2008

Computers to be Recycled, loaded with FOSS and donated to Schools

Thanks to an event that Untangle is organizing, schools in Northern California will be getting recycled computers loaded with a bunch of FOSS goodies.

The event, Installfest for Schools, is happening on March 1st in four Bay Area locations:  San Francisco, Berkeley, San Mateo and Novato. Volunteers will be helping to install Ubuntu 7.10, including OpenOffice, as well as Untangle's Open Source Network Gateway on recycled hardware from the Alameda County Computer Resource Center

If you're interested in volunteering or want to learn more, you can get more details, and sign up here.  

A very cool effort by the community for the community. 

Pau for now...

Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

Sun grabs VirtualBox

I just ran into Steve Wilson, Sun's VP of xVM, in the cafeteria and heard the good news. Sun is acquiring innotek, a small company based in Germany that makes a very cool product called VirtualBox

I had recently heard of VirtualBox on an internal mailing list, now I have no excuse not to download it for my Mac and run Ubuntu in it (I was going to use Fusion, but this makes more sense).  I wonder if it will also let me load up the Fedora 8 disc I got at SCALE?

Here are some basics:

  • innotek VirtualBox is a family of x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. 
  • Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and OpenSolaris hosts
  • It has a very extensive list of supported guest OS's [including but not limited to Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.6), and OpenBSD]
  • VirtualBox is a community effort backed by a dedicated company  [which will now be Sun  ;)]
  • You can find sources, binaries, documentation and other resources for VirtualBox on this site
  • It is freely available as Free Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • You can download it here.

For more info on this deal, you can check out the press release as well as Steve's blog and Tim Marsland's (our software CTO).

Looks like we're on a roll, I can't wait to see what Free software company we might acquire next. :) 

Pau for now...

Wednesday Jan 30, 2008

LinuxWorld's Top FOSS business leaders in '08

I was checking out Whurley's blog today and saw that had recently named "2008's Top Leaders in Open Source Business."

It was great to see that Jonathan Schwartz made the list as well as soon-to-be Sun senior exec, Marten Mikos (I'll have to admit that I was a bit surprised to not see Mark Shuttleworth's name). 

You can check out the all the picks and pics at the link above (some more artistically put together than others) but here's the list (I don't think they're in any kind of rank order):

  • Martin Mikos - CEO, MySQL (for a little bit longer :)
  • Andy Astor - CEO, Enterprise DB
  • Jonh Roberts - CEO, Sugar CRM
  • Larry Augustin - Private Investor
  • Jonathan Schwartz - CEO, Sun Microsystems
  • Matt Assay - VP of Business Development, Alfresco
  • James Governor, Stephen O'Grady, Michael Cote - Pundits, Red Monk 
  • Raven Zachary - Research Director,  The 451 Group
  • Whurley - Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy, BMC
  • Anthony Gold - VP and GM, Open Source Business, Unisys
  • Michael Tiemman - President, Open Source Initiative

I particularly like the props given to Jonathan and Sun:

...Schwartz is not the sole open source advocate at Sun but he's the driving force and the buck stops with him. By lines of code, Sun is perhaps the biggest distributor of open source in the world. They propagate the leading open source productivity suite, OpenOffice, which is downloaded millions of times every week. In addition to Solaris and OpenOffice, Java runs on a myriad of devices that likely number in the billions. After a rough few years, Sun is poised to enjoy


Pau for now.... 


I look after Sun's relationships with the various GNU/Linux communities as well as our relationship with the FSF. Last year, my family and I emigrated from Silicon Valley to Austin, TX.


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