Thursday Feb 22, 2007

Live from Austin!

Well I made it!  After a short 1,700 mile drive from San Jose, I rolled into Austin Texas last Friday night as the sun was setting.  The drive was fantastic. I did it in three days and two nights, staying overnight at the lovely Motel 6 in Blythe California, and the next in some small town, I cant remember the name of about 60 miles outside El Paso. 

Here are some observations:

  • Mid Feb is a great time to travel, traffic was light, the temperature was between 50-60 degrees and very few bugs were around to adorn my windshield.
  • The least scenic part of the drive is I5 down central California.
  • The most scenic was Arizona.
  • El Paso is huge!  who knew!  I cruised through it at night and I thought I was passing through LA. (Its even in a different time zone than the rest of Texas).
  • West Texas beyond El Paso is no man's land.  No cell phone reception and when you hit "seek" on your radio it keeps doing laps around the dial.
  • I drove on two different "Pearl Harbor Memorial Highways" (one in Arizona and one in Texas) and one "Sonny Bono Memorial Highway" (which was actually the same highway as one of the Pearl Harbor highways, just in a different state).
  • Parting advice: dont try to leave LA at 5:00PM heading for San Bernardino if you need to be anywhere in a hurry.

This weekend I travel back to the coast, this time by plane, to fetch the family.  I havent seen my wife and kids in almost two weeks and Im very excited to see them tomorrow night.  Well thats enough for now...I have to get home and unpack some more of the 140+ boxes of stuff that was delivered yesterday.

Pau for now...

Monday Feb 12, 2007

Austin or Bust

The time has come the walrus get the heck out of Silicon Valley.  Given the job Im doing, working with the GNU/Linux community and managing Sun's relationship with the FSF, its a job that I can do anywhere.  I choose to do it in Austin.

Its been a great 12 years here in the Bay Area but now with three little monkeys to support it doesnt seem to make as much sense.  Austin on the other hand...that seems to make a lot of sense.  For starters, for half the price of our house here we are building a house in Austin twice the size.  To put that into perspective, the size of our house in Austin will be larger than our entire lot here in San Jose.  All that and we get great public schools and no state income tax.  A beautiful blue oasis in a large red desert.  A great place to raise kids.

The movers are packing up the house as I type this and tomorrow they'll come to haul it all away.  The wife and kids have already gone to the in-laws (once the furniture arrives I'll retrieve the family).  The following day I will leave before the crack of dawn and begin the journey to Austin.  Driving long distances seems to be so quintessentially American.  I look forward to doing my patriotic duty and driving half-way across country.  My 25 hours of driving time will take me through California, Arizona, New Mexico and then into the heart of Texas.  Ive got my ipod, my cds, and my camera, Im good to go.

Aloha, California, its been great!  I promise Ill visit.

Pau for now...

Tuesday Feb 06, 2007

Obama in '73

When I was home in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago I decided to dig through the boxes in my mom's garage and find some of my old Na Opios (the lower school yearbook at Punahou School).  I was looking for a picture of one of the big kids, three years ahead of me at a school named Barry Obama, now more commonly referred to as Barack.  For reference, in 1973 Barry was a big 6th grader and I was just a little 3rd grader. 

Here is the picture I found (I blurred out the other non-public figures) apparently taken at a pencil chewers convention -- the Na Opio never featured stiff formal portraits:


Serendipitiously, when I was getting the link for the Punahou School reference above, I found an interesting article that just came out today describing Obama's growing up in Hawaii and his time at Punahou.  (It even quotes my old girlfriend's brother and my 8th grade typing teacher).

My big question is (if you look in the upper left hand corner of the picture) whatever did happen to the metric system that the whole country was going to adopt?

Obama in '08!

Pau for now...



I look after Sun's relationships with the various GNU/Linux communities as well as our relationship with the FSF. Last year, my family and I emigrated from Silicon Valley to Austin, TX.


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