Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Would you like some Freedom with that Fry? GNU turns 25 and Java powers the Video!

Given that John McCain has chosen Monty Python alum, Michael Palin as his running mate, its no surprise that the Free Software Foundation has found their own British comedian to promote the 25th birthday of the GNU operating system

The FSF have teamed up with Steven Fry English humorist, actor and novelist to produce a very cool five minute video explaining the history of GNU and the ethos behind Free Software.

Check out the video here

And speaking of Free as in Freedom, the video is powered by Java technology (who would have predicted that a few years ago! ;)

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Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

Open JDK in Debian's Lenny -- Distro Grandslam!

Not long after I began my journey home from Debconf last week, OpenJDK officially made it into Lenny.  Lenny is Debian's next release and is due out late next month (fingers and toes crossed). 

Pitching OpenJDK to the Debian powers-that-be: Doko (lower left) explains the finer details of OpenJDK to Mark Hymers at Debconf while, Neil, Phil and Joerg look on.

Can't Swing a Dead Cat without hitting a Distro with OpenJDK Included

With inclusion in Lenny, OpenJDK is now in all of the top four FOSS GNU/ Linux distros and available for two more:

OpenJDK included in Available for

Thank Yous All Around

A big Mahalo to everyone working on Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Debian who made this possible with specific shout-outs to:

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Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

Update from Debconf Argentina + More Pics

Greetings from Day 3 of Debconf 8 here in lovely Mar Del Plata.  This is a much more mellow event that last years which was held in Edinburgh.  Given the distance for a lot of the folks this debconf has about half as many as last years (~200 vs. ~400).  That being said it has been quite productive in spite of (because of?) its languid pace. 

I'm meeting with the various folks here who are working on Java as well as SPARC ports.  Its looking really good for OpenJDK making it into Lenny but I'm not ready to pop the champagne cork just yet.  We should know for sure in the next day or two. 

Debian SPARC support

This is what I've learned this afternoon regarding Debian SPARC support:  Debian supports everything the upstream kernel supports (i.e. they don't do anything Debian specific to it). Starting with Lenny they will not be supporting the SPARC32 machines (sun4m architecture) but will support sun4u (pretty much all older 64-bit machines) and sun4v (Niagara) subarchitecture.

I've gotten two good podcasts that I look forward to posting after I get back, one with DPL Steve McIntyre and the other with Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu/Canonical who spoke this morning.  

The view from the room where the talks are held: the Casino and town square

Happy hackers hardily hacking 

The view from the room where the talks are being held #2 

The fishermen's club, long pier, restaurant and gigantic beer billboard in one.

The fountain in the square at night, like the Belagio in Vegas, the fountains "dance" to the music. 

The Casino (rumored to be the world's largest). 

Sampling the local fare. 

"We don't need no stinking garnish".  Argentines take their meat seriously. 

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Sunday Aug 10, 2008

Opening Day Debconf8, Argentina

After 24hours of travel I finally arrived yesterday afternoon at the hotel here in lovely Mar Del Plata, Argentina.  I'll have to admit that I'm still confused by this whole Winter-in-the-Southern-Hemisphere thing with the cooler temps and sun setting early.

The Mar del Plata boardwalk.  The low building on the far right is the Casino. 

The Conference Kick-off 

Team Argentina - our hosts. 

A couple of hours ago the conference kicked off with an introduction from our local hosts who have been busting their butts over the last year to get ready for this week.

After that was the introductory keynote from the current Debian Project Leader (DPL), Steve McIntyre.  This debconf is special since it marks the 15th anniversary of the starting of the Debian project.

My notes from Steve's talk

  • It was 15 years ago that Ian Murdock sent out an email announcing the starting of Debian
  • There have been 11 project leaders since then, 10 releases
  • The releases, since the Toy Story theme was adopted, are in order:  Buzz, Rex, Bo, Hamm, Slink, Potato, Woody, Sarge, Etch and soon, Lenny.
  • The stats
    • There are 24,000 binary packages in Lenny (about 10k source packages)
    • 1000+ registered Debian developers
    • Millions of users (?)
  • The Good
    • Huge dedicated developer community
    • Huge number of packages
    • Widest architecture support of any distro
  • The Bad
    • History of struggling to release
    • Flamewars
    • People often not willing to work together
    • PR & artwork
  • Why does Debian Matter
    • Often described as the most important distro
    • Massive number of users
    • Free and Open
  • The Challenges going forward: Need to be able to scale
Stay tuned for more updates!

The Mar del Plata coatsline from the air. 

The Mar del Plata International Airport (I wonder if I could have flow here directly from Austin?)

The fishing club as the sun starts to go down.

I spent some time poking around the downtown area after I got in.

Pau for now...

Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

OpenJDK default Java Runtime in Ubuntu

Last week, Doko (pictured here), sent out a mail to the ubuntu-devel-announce list saying that, for Ubuntu's Intrepid release due in October, "OpenJDK6 is the default java runtime / development kit in main, on all architectures."

This marks a key accomplishment for the JDK which began its it relationship with Ubuntu in the multiverse repository thanks to the Distribution License for Java

The Road to Freedom 

In the last year or so the JDK has been liberated and with the help of the folks from the Iced Tea project, encumbrances have been removed one by one.  With the release of OpenJDK JDK moved into Ubuntu's Universe repository in 8.04

Now, as of last week, it is has moved directly into the heart of the Ubuntu distribution, Main!  With OpenJDK in Main this means that the flood gates are now open for all Open Source apps that depend on the JDK to, as community manager Jorge put it, "rock in Ubuntu."

Interested in Getting Involved?

If you want to get involved check out the Java Team on the Ubuntu wiki.  Here is the background from Daniel's blog.  Make your Java app rock in Ubuntu!  Rock on.  :)

Pau for now... 

Tuesday Aug 05, 2008

OpenBSD runs on HUGE list of Sun SPARC systems -- T1, T2 support coming in 4.4

OpenBSD and Niagara Support

Back in April I wrote that Mark Kettenis had succeeded in porting OpenBSD to the  SPARC Enterprise T1000 server.  Well just last week he reported that he had started working with the UltraSPARC T2 system that he received.   According to him and Bob Beck, the next release of OpenBSD (4.4) will ship with UltraSPARC T1 and T2 support in the sparc64 release.

The Laundry List

Theo DeRaadt, founder of OpenBSD, was also copied on this thread and sent the following list and comment (I'll have to agree, it is pretty impressive):

The current list of sparc64 machines that we now run on is a pretty impressive list. It starts all the way from the original machine to Sun's newest.

Ultra 1/1E
Ultra 2
Ultra 5/10
Ultra 25/45
Ultra 30/60/80
SPARCengineUltra AX
SPARCengineUltra AXe
SPARCengineUltra AXi
SPARCengine CP1500
Enterprise 150
Enterprise 220R
Enterprise 250
Enterprise 420R
Enterprise 450
Enterprise 3000/4000/5000/6000
Enterprise 3500/4500/5500/6500
Enterprise 10000
Sun Blade 100/150
Sun Blade 1000/2000
Sun Blade 1500/2500
Sun Blade T6300
Sun Blade T6320
Sun Fire V100/V120
Sun Fire V125
Sun Fire V210/V240/V440
Sun Fire V215/V245
Sun Fire V250
Sun Fire 280R
Sun Fire V480/V880
Sun Fire V490/V890
Sun Fire V1280
Sun Fire T1000/T2000
Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000/T2000
Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220
Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000/M8000/M9000
Netra X1
Netra 20/T4
Netra 120
Netra 210/240/440
Netra 1280
Netra 1290
Netra T1 100/105
Netra T1 AC200/DC200
Netra T 1100
Netra T 1120/1125
Netra T 1400/1405
Netra CP3060
Netra CP3260
Netra T2000
Netra T5220
Momentum Leopard-V
RDI/Tadpole Ultrabook 170/200
Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 250/450
Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 650/850
Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T1000/T2000
Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220
Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000/M8000/M9000

There are still a few SPARC systems OpenBSD doesn't run on but given the tenacity of this team I'm sure its only a matter of time ;)  (Speaking of which, I'm going to see if I can help them locate a Tadpole Viper)

Pau for now... 

Monday Jul 28, 2008

OSCON '08 - Pictures from the Sun Party

I had a great time at O'Reilly's 10th annual Open Source Convention aka OSCON08.  I will post later about the conference itself including the podcasts I did, the announcements we made etc.  For now, here are some pics I took from the Sun Zend bash that was held in the Double Tree parking lot (which actually isn't used as a parking lot).

Above -- Row 1: (L) Tim Bray all dressed up with no place to go; (R) Geir Magnusson and Mark Shuttleworth deep in conversation.  Row 2: (L)Tim Bray and Stephen O'Grady plan out Tim's strategy for his upcoming bout; (R) A very scary clown.  Row 3: (L) The party placard; (R) Geir and Tim locked in battle.  Row 4: (L) Party Favors, complimentary MySQL boxer shorts; (R) Gordon sporting said boxers.

When Two Tribes go to War

MySQL's Monty Widenius takes on Postgres' Josh Berkus.

Above -- Row 1: (L) Pool, for those not into Sumo; (R) Jesse Silver, party organizer extraordinaire talks with Intel's Sun rep.  Row 2: Sara Dornsife, also to blame for the party; (R) A beer and a trike, what more do you need.  Row 3: (L) One of the many bouts through out the evening; (R) Preserving the bout for posterity.  Row 4: (L) Gerry and the Canonical crew (R) As the night wore on, the ring could no longer contain the warriors and the dance floor was appropriated.

Lookin' for more pics from the event?  Check out Terri's.

Pau for now...

Monday Jul 21, 2008

OSCON Bound!

In about 20 minutes I leave for the airport, arriving tonight in lovely Portland, OR to attend OSCON.  This will be my third appearance there and I look forward to listening, learning, being interviewed and podcasting.  In fact it was at last year's OSCON that I kicked off my foray into the wild and wacky world of podcasting.    A year later I've got over 70 under my belt and am looking to grab a few more.

What to look for 

As I mentioned previously, Dalibor will be giving a talk and as Ken points out, Sun will be having its "coach potato" booth as well as hosting a party Wednesday night.   The MySQL branch of Team Sun will, of course, be there in force as Colin cites.

In watching the blog-o-sphere, I see that Zonker of OpenSUSE fame will be there, as will the FSF's Mako, Fedora's Mr. Karsten Wade and a whole slew of Canonical Ubuntuers including SABDFL himself -- to name but a few.

And Don't Forget Wednesday's Party

Who/What  OpenSolaris-mySQL-Zend OSCon Bash

                    [FREE for all OSCon attendees]

When Wednesday, July 23 8pm-midnight

Where DoubleTree Hotel Parking Lot

Be there...Aloha!

Pau for now... 

Friday Jul 18, 2008

OpenJDK in OpenSUSE

Earlier this week I posted how OpenJDK was knock, knock, knockin' on Lenny's door.  At that time I also mentioned how it was already in Ubuntu and Fedora.

What I failed to mention, however, and was right under my very nose was that fact that OpenJDK had already made it into OpenSUSE 11.  Thanks to MySQL Euro-community manager and former SUSE employee Lenz Grimmer, I was englightened:

openSUSE has included the Sun JDK for quite a while already. openJDK has been
added to openSUSE 11.0 as well and is part of the default distribution (the
"oss" section, while the Sun JDK is in the "non-oss" part).

Here are some links to check out: 

Pau for now...

Monday Jul 14, 2008

Open JDK in Debian's Sid

Dalibor sent a note out to the packaging team last night letting us know that OpenJDK is now in "Sid. Sid is the unstable Debian distribution and is the entre (if all works out) to Lenny the next Debian stable release, due out later this year. 

First Ubuntu, then Fedora and now OpenJDK is knocking on Debian's door!

OSCON and more

For more on Debian and OpenJDK, see Dalibor's blog.  And if you're going to be at OSCON next week and are interested in learning more about the wacky world of OpenJDK, make sure to catch Dalibor's talk Better Living Through OpenJDK: IcedTea, BrandWeg, and SoyLatte

Pau for now... 

Tuesday Jun 24, 2008

RH Summit/FUDcon: Pics and Podcasts

Below are a few more pictures from the Red Hat Summit and FUDCon last week.

Just to keep you comin' back for more, below is the list of podcasts from the events that I will be posting in upcoming days:

Podcasts to come/Posted

BTW the person in the upper left hand corner is Mairin Duffy of Fedora/Red Hat who designed and produced the super cool FUDCon shirts using Free Software.

Pau for now...

Thursday Jun 12, 2008

More Doc Talk

For all you driver writers out there looking to get old Sun gear jammin' on your Free OS of choice, here are seven more docs that were published to the FOSS Docs Wiki since my last laundry list back at the end of March:

Single Chip GX/TGX Product Family User's Manual

MicroSPARC-I user's manual Reference Guide

MicroSPARC-II User's Manual

MicroSPARC-II Datasheet

Writing SBus Drivers Guide

Writing FCode Drivers for SBus Guide

SPARCsystem 600MP VMEbus  Guide

Unfortunately there were a couple that were absolutely nowhere to be found, namely the SEC SBus to Ebus Interface User's Guide and the EMC Error Correcting Memory Controller Users's Guide.  If anyone out there has an old copy of one of these or comes across a set at swap meet feel free to contact me.

Pau for now...

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

FOSS Docs: Mentor Graphics Steps Up!

About a year ago when we kicked off our FOSS Docs project, one of the first chipsets on the list was "Fire."  By the end of last summer, after a bunch of doc scrubbing and legal review, we had posted the Fire Manual, Errata doc and Delta doc to the wiki.

It turns out however that a key piece needed by the OpenBSD community was missing -- the docs for the Fire I2C controller.  The Fire controller, I soon found out was based on Mentor Graphics' MI2CV IP core,  technology that Sun didn't own.   We contacted Mentor about making the documentation publicly available but were politely turned down.

Persistence Pays off 

Luckily Marco Riera at Sun decided that he would keep trying different avenues at Mentor.  Every couple of months he would send me an email saying, "I haven't given up yet." 

I admired his tenacity but felt he was tilting at windmills.  Needless to say I was very surprised when six months later he told me that Mentor would allow us to post a subset of their user manual that covers all the relevant info a coder would need.  The OpenBSD guys were psyched and Theo de Raadt asked for Marco and the people at Mentor's names so he could personally thank them.

Marco thanks for your persistence and Mentor thanks for allowing us to post your information.  This Bud is for both of you!

Pau for now...

Wednesday Jun 04, 2008

Sports Illustrated ranks Punahou #1

If you didn't catch the May 26 issue of Sports Illustrated, here's the scoop, Punahou School in Hawaii was named the number 1 high school athletic program in the U.S. of A! 

According to the KGMB site

That's out of more than 38,000 high schools across the nation. SI's criteria focuses on "all-around excellence during the last 10 years and included state titles won and college athletes produced."

Now when I tell people I only played J.V. soccer in high school, I have an excuse.  In fact I can say something like, "had I gone to any other high school in the country I would have been a letterman in every sport...starting freshman year."

Of Citadels and Dukes

I love the "subtle" prose that the author of the SI online article uses to describe Punahou.  My favorite line of description of the school is, "a palm-lined, 76-acre citadel of academic and athletic excellence where Aristotle meets Duke Kahanamoku." 

While I don't think either Ari or Duke attended Punahou, and if they did I'm positive they never met,  there are a bunch of other famous folks who did

Go Barry, Go!

Probably the alum most in the news recently is Barry from the class of '79 a reserve member of the state championship basketball team his senior year.  A huge congrats to him on making history and clinching the nomination.  Now its time to focus on the old guy :)

Barry in his 6th grade yearbook picture. He always took himself very seriously. (Yes, I've posted this before but I couldn't resist).

Obama in '08!

Pau for now...

Monday Jun 02, 2008

Pics from Prague

As I've mentioned before, two weeks ago I headed to Prague to attend FOSS Camp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the next release, Intrepid Ibex.  The way the schedule was set-up we had a free day on Sunday between the two events.  

After catching up on some badly needed sleep I headed off early Sunday afternoon to explore the city.  Here are a few pictures from my adventures.

Pau for now...


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