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Automatic Imports addition using NetBeans

NetBeans has a very useful keyboard shortcut: Alt+Shift+F. Upon pressing these keys, NetBeans adds all the required import statements at the top of the source file.

JVMTI agent to print reference paths

To get started on JVMTI please read JVMTI reference guide JVMTI reference guide and a very good article on JVMTI Programming hereHere I will briefly describe how I used JVMTI to write an agent which prints the reference paths of instances of a given class in the running...

jmap with CMS

Hotspot Servicability Agent, the backbone of jmap tool had a bug due to which jmap was not able to generate correct histogram and heap dump of applications running with Concurrent Mark Sweep collector. This bug 6311411 has been fixed in 5.0u12 and 6.0u2. So starting with these...

Understanding CMS GC Logs

CMS GC with -XX:+PrintGCDetails and -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps prints a lot of information. Understanding this information can help in fine tuning various parameters of the application and CMS to achieve best performance.Let's have a look at some of the CMS logs generated...