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One Call Does It All

Three cities - improve service, save funds, improve visibility - with Siebel CRM for 311 City of Riverside worked with Oracle Partner to implement Oracle's Siebel Contact Center as the foundation for the city's 311 system, helping the city respond to more than 160,000 service requests while reducing average response time from 11 days to 2.5 days and saving money. "The new system has allowed us to streamline our operations so that we can truly see the big picture and improve services to our residents." - Chris Spahr, Customer Service Manager. New York City tracks 311 performance and enables financial transparency. The city launched what turned out to be one of its most popular services: a "3-1-1" non-emergency hotline that fields more than 1.2 million calls a month through a call center running a Siebel CRM solution designed by Accenture. Besides dispensing timely information to customers, the service accumulated a wealth of data about city services and their effectiveness. "When Mayor Bloomberg told us to put the [Citywide Performance Reporting] data on the Web, we upgraded to Oracle Business Intelligence. We made the investment to build a solution that would support larger and different things coming down the pike." James Perazzo, Assistant Commissioner, Web and new Media Operations, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. The city of Sacramento's 311 citizen services solution provided multichannel access to informative resources, significantly boosting constitution satisfaction. The system created a "no wrong door" access channel for Sacramento citizens. "Even in the program's infancy, we realize that we have created an opportunity to dramatically improve service and accessibility to our customers, while gathering information never before captured." - Gina Knepp, Manager, 311 Division.