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Laurie Pattison
Senior Director

Laurie Pattison works at the intersection of people, business and technology. She is an innovation accelerator and Senior Director of Oracle Applications User Experience. With more than 18 years experience in Enterprise Applications, she is seasoned, yet constantly curious.

She is an Oracle intrapreneur, responsible for design jams and hackathons to bring people and emerging technologies together for the betterment of enterprise users and applications. Laurie is well-known in the enterprise space for her experience in new interactions, visualizations, gamification and user onboarding. She is responsible for a team driving a user-centered design approach to the development of new interactions, a proponent of "MacGyvering" to use existing and upcoming technologies in new ways to meet current and future user needs. She leads a tiger team of designers and technologists prototyping new interactions.

She is a blogger, mom, skier, speaker, patent holder, and agent of change. Learn more about Laurie Pattison at her team's blog and follow her @lsptahoe.

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