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Justin Crivelli

Justin Crivelli manages Global Deliverability Support for the Oracle Marketing Cloud.  Justin has over 7 years of experience in the Deliverability space, working with and supporting customers all over the world.  Justin spends most of his time managing a team of Deliverability Specialists, teaching Deliverability to our internal teams and customers, and ensuring that the Oracle Marketing Cloud Platform is the best Deliverability platform in the business.  Justin’s passions are spending time with his family, traveling, and rooting on his Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Cardinals, and New York Rangers.

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Email Marketing and the Reality About ISP Mediation

Many years ago, part of being a true email deliverability expert was less about what you know and much more about who you know. If you had clients experiencing issues like blocking, bulking, etc. the biggest weapon in your arsenal was the ability to reach out to a contact at an...

Email Marketing and the Mystery of the Valid - Invalid Address

As marketers, we often take for granted the technical complexities that take place when sending an email from one address to another. We are so accustomed to pressing a button and having thousands, if not millions, of emails sent to their intended destination, with no questions...

When It Comes To Email Speed, It’s All About Reputation

In my position managing Deliverability Support for Oracle Marketing Cloud, I see how senders often take for granted, just how quickly our email communications arrive to their intended recipients. In the course of a few minutes, mass marketing campaigns are deployed to audiences...