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SOA & Application Grid Specialization– Validate your Application - Step 5 of 6

  Thanks for joining our series of SOA & Application Grid Specialization which can be the foundation of our joint success in the new fiscal year FY11! Summery or our journey to SOA & Application Grid Specialization: Step 1: Proof 2 transactions & OMM Step 2: reference" cases & marketing campaigns Step 3: SOA Sales assessment & SOA Pre-Sales assessment & Support assessment / Application Grid Sales assessment & Application Grid Pre-Sales assessment & Support assessment Step 4: Oracle Application Grid Certified Implementation Specialist & Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture Certified Implementation Specialist Before you submit your application please validate the criteria: Check competency status (PRN Admin) Contact your Oracle Partner Manager and or the Partner Business Centers to analyze and validate the required two transaction steps and the two reference cases If you are certain that you meet all of these criteria Apply Now to become specialized. Your application can only be submitted by the Oracle Partner Network Administrator (PRN Admin) in your company! If you do not know this person please contact the Partner Business Centers to find out. PRM Specialize menu Select Middleware in the PRM Specialize menu Select a Specialization: Select SOA and/or Application Grid Enter reference information Reference Criteria for Specialization • Project completed in the last 18 months • Project has to include products in the current or previous version of the Specialization products • Customer can be used for several references if each reference is an independent project • Same reference can be used for different Specializations if the products listed match the Specialization products • Internal implementations can NOT be used as reference • Complete information must be provided Customer Reference Documentation Data captured during enrollment • Customer Name, Industry, Country • Customer’s Contact Info – Name – Title – Phone – Email • Project Name • Project Completion Date • Oracle products and/or services related to this reference – specify the version • Business challenges for the customer • Describe the Oracle or joint solution implemented • Oracle Contact (If known): Email address Enter your transactions Transactions achieved in the last 12 months Complete your Specialists Notification & Status If you need to get an Oracle Partner Network Account or you need support with the application please contact our Partner Business Centers. For more information on Specialization please visit our OPN Specialized Webcast Series and become a member in our SOA Partner Community for registration please visit www.oracle.com/goto/ema/soa Jürgen Kress, SOA Partner Adoption EMEA Thanks for your efforts to become Specialized Technorati Tags: soa,specialization,oracle,oracle partner network,opn