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Geertjan Wielenga

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Geertjan is an open source enthusiast at Oracle focused on tools and technologies such as Oracle JET (oraclejet.org) and NetBeans IDE (netbeans.org).

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A Quick Look At What's New In Oracle JET v5.1.0

On June 18th, the v5.1.0 release of Oracle JET was made available. It was the 25th consecutive on-schedule release for Oracle JET. Details on the release schedule are provided here in the FAQ. As indicated by the release number, v5.1.0 is a minor release, aimed at tweaking and...

Five Typical Responses From Oracle JET's Unofficial World Tour

Over the last few days, I introduced and held an Oracle JET workshop in Oslo, earlier in the same week in Amsterdam, the week before that in Berlin, and over the past months in Brugge, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Amman, as well. JB Brock, Oracle JET product manager together with...

Oracle as an Agent of Social Change

Together with my colleague JB Brock I've spent the past week in South Africa. Last year, with Andrejus Baranovskis from Oracle partner Red Samurai Consulting, I did something similar—introducing Oracle's new modern vision on application development and user interface design to a...

My OpenWorld/JavaOne 2017 Session Schedule

In most cases, I'm speaking with one or more others in the below.   Sunday, 1 October   SUN4389: Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit: How and Why Organizations Use ItRoom: Marriott Marquis (Yerba Buena Level) - Salon 13When: 15:45 - 16:30 Monday, 2 October   CON3935: Getting Started...

From ojNavigationList to ojTrain

Sometime ago I showed how to replace ojNavigationList in the 'navdrawer' template with ojButtons. Let's now do something different and replace ojNavigationList with ojTrain: The router is integrated into it, so that everything works as before, except that now you have a step...

Oracle JET in South Africa

Recently I had an excellent time with Andrejus Baranovskis from Red Samurai Consulting, in South Africa, visiting a number of Oracle partners and customers. A pic of a few of them (we literally had about 5 engagements a day for a week, in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town, in...

From Knockout to Vue in Oracle JET

Watch a small unofficial experiment of using Vue.js in the context of Oracle JET applications:

Migrating to Oracle JET in 10 Minutes

Watch and learn for 10 minutes as you're shown the key principles of moving frontend JavaScript apps to the free and open source architecture provided by Oracle JET:

jquery-stockquotes and Oracle JET

Here's https://github.com/ajwhite/jquery-stockquotes integrated into an Oracle JET application: Steps: Somehow download https://github.com/ajwhite/jquery-stockquotes, e.g., via Bower. In "main.js" include a reference: 'jqueryui-stockquotes':...