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Franz Haberhauer
Chief Technologist

Franz Haberhauer is Chief Technologist within Sales Consulting for Northern Europe in the Oracle Systems line of business . He is chartered to drive overall new technology adoption in general and provide a holistic perspective on Oracle's systems product portfolio which includes Oracle hardware, operating systems, server virtualization technologies and management software as well as virtualization technologies. Recently he focused on cloud technologies in general and especially on infrastructure as a service.

He joined Oracle through the Sun acquisition where he had started in 1993 as a regional systems engineer in the Stuttgart sales office. In 2002 he was one of the first Technical Directors appointed worldwide in Sun's Global Systems Engineering organization and since then held several technical leadership positions. Throughout his career at Sun and Oracle he maintained a focus on the Solaris operating system. He had started working with SunOS on Sun 3 workstations and the first SPARC servers - Sun 4/260s - 25 years ago when he managed a computer science research institute's data center and workstation environment. Franz holds a degree in computer science "Diplom-Informatiker" from the University of Stuttgart.

In his spare time he is a passionate photographer and enjoys cooking and fine wines.

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