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Charlie Berger
Sr. Dir. Product Management, Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Analytics

Charlie Berger is the Senior Director of Product Management, for Data Mining and Advanced Analytics at Oracle.  Charlie has over 30 years of experience in data analysis software including Oracle, Thinking Machines Corporation, Bolt, Beranek & Newman (statistical software), Automatix (robotics and machine vision), Palladian (expert systems), Honeywell computers and IBM.  He is responsible for the product management and direction of Oracle’s in-databases' machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics technology including Oracle Advanced Analytics, data and text mining and the SQL based statistical functions. Previously, he was the VP of Product Management & Marketing at Thinking Machines prior to its acquisition by Oracle in 1999.  Charlie is a technical evangelist in the field of predictive analytics and data mining.  He holds a Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and a Master of Business Administration, both from Boston University.   He holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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