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Oracle Enterprise Architects Club Inaugural Meeting

Inaugural Oracle Enterprise Architects Club Yesterday we held the inaugural" meeting of the Oracle Enterprise Architects Club at the Courthouse Hotel, Great Marlborough Street in London.  The evening was opened by John Rodway, Oracles director of pre-sales consulting and the keynote speaker was Miko Matsumura, Chairman of the OASIS SOA Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee and Vice President, Marketing, and Technology Standards at Infravio.  In case the name is familiar but you can't place Miko he was also Chief Java Evangelist at Sun before ending up at Infravio via Systinet. I was fortunate to be able to meet with Miko before the meeting and join him for dinner afterwards, I can honestly say the conversation with Miko and the other attendees and panel participants was extremely stimulating. Miko took us on a journey around the SOA landscape, pointing out things of interest along the way and providing me and the other attendees with a wealth of food for thought.  A popular analagy he made was around reuse. Miko on Software Reuse Miko observed that software reuse in the SOA environment is different from software reuse in past environments such as OO or structured programming.  He identified a couple of key characteristics that distinguish SOA style reuse. Higher Level of Abstraction <BR/>The level of granularity is usually much higher than in previous technologies, re-use being at the service level rather than individual objects. Using in Place <BR/>Services are reused in-situ. The same hardware is used to re-use the service. He then gave the analagy of needing a car to go the store.  You ask your friend to borrow his car.  In the traditional re-use model of OO he would reply by giving you all the design specs for his car and telling you that you could build your own.  In the SOA world he would give you the keys to his own car.  A great example of the the different meaning of re-use in the SOA world. Miko on Interface and Implementation Miko also commented on some of the limitations of interface and implementation seperation in the current web service stack.  Specifically he observed that whilst WSDL is really good at describing methods it has no mechanism for describing higher service level constructs, some of which can be described by showing an underlying BPEL implementation, others are just plain opaque and limit our ability to architect robust systems.  Another example of limitations in this area is the sequencing of calls to a service, again BPEL can help to describe this but it is a less than ideal fit. This topic leads into choreography standards for describing this type of environment, and I will return to CDL in a later blog. The event finished with a wide ranging panel discussion with Miko being on the panel along with Neil Ward Dutton, Steve Ross Talbot and myself.  It was a great opportunity for me to be able to sit on the panel alongside such luminaries and I hope that I managed to add some value to the spirited discussions that followed. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and am really looking forward to the next one.