Tuesday May 22, 2012

My Oracle Support (MOS) Communities

The My Oracle Support Communities are vibrant forums for Oracle
customers, partners and employees to share knowledge, discover best practices
and ask questions. We encourage you to use these communities as well as to refer back to this blog for new posts on Oracle Commerce best practices.

For access to MOS, you will need to register on My Oracle Support: https://support.oracle.com/CSP/ui/flash.html

When registering, you will be asked for a Customer Support Identifier (CSI).  If you are a partner, please use your partner SI. If you are a customer, you can use your ATG or Endeca SI number. If you are an authorized user of MetaLink 3 (metalink3.oracle.com) or Classic MetaLink/My
Oracle Support (metalink.oracle.com), your CSI number will be contained in your
User Profile. If you have difficulty locating your CSI number, then you may
contact your company’s Customer User Administrator or the Oracle Support Sales
Representative assigned to your company. To locate your Support Sales
Representative, dial the Support Sales phone number listed by region on oracle.com.

There is an overall Oracle Commerce Category that both ATG and Endeca belong. 
We have individual communities for each product set.  The Communities can
be accessed via a tab in MOS, and you can set up subscriptions to follow them
as desired.

New Oracle Commerce and Oracle Knowledge communities are open, active, and
dedicated and fully integrated with MOS Service Requests and Knowledgebase.

  • Oracle
    ATG Web Commerce products, formerly known as the ATG Commerce Suite

  • Oracle
    Endeca products, formerly known as Endeca IAP and Endeca Latitude

  • Oracle
    Knowledge products, formerly known as InQuira

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

What's New 10.1

ATG 10.1 (Dupont) was released April 2012. This note includes the All Products Chart for that version.

All Products Chart

What's New in 10.1


Merchant Empowerment: Merchants are continuously under pressure to innovate and be efficient. They need to do more with less time and resources. These merchants need flexibility to innovate in their sales and marketing, with creative approaches to attract, convert and retain customers. In order to be efficient and flexible, users need to be able to implement their plans without relying on technical support personnel.
ATG 10.1 adds a number of new capabilities to allow merchants to work faster, smarter and with more options to execute business plans on their site. These features address not only the costs of maintaining a site by allowing merchants to accomplish their tasks with fewer steps, but also new ways to view and edit data on the site that bring together the data-driven science as well as the visual art of merchandising. Likewise, new promotion capabilities, including pre-packaged templates for common promotion types, allow them to more easily and quickly create promotions according to their business objectives.

Mobile & Cross Channel: Customer usage of mobile devices is growing at an unprecedented pace, and merchants are racing to engage with their customers in a consistent manner across all channels and devices. Merchants are using all channels, especially mobile, to increase customer engagement and satisfaction with their brands. Cross channel commerce presents new opportunities with unique capabilities and there is growing market need for merchants to provide a seamless experience across all touch points – web, mobile, social, kiosks, contact center etc.
To enable merchants to provide an integrated and orchestrated cross channel experience, ATG is now providing a framework/SDK to ease and accelerate the development of mobile commerce solutions on the ATG platform. Release 10.1 provides mobile-optimized web and IOS versions of the Commerce Reference Store (CRS) that showcase key ATG features and value propositions and serve as a framework to help developers build mobile sites and applications more quickly. Improvements to the REST framework enable other applications to integrate and consume ATG commerce functions in a simpler and more efficient way. ATG's call center application, CSC, has been enhanced with a redesigned user interface to allow greater efficiency for call center agents.

Faster Commerce on a Global Scale: Merchants, like all business units, are driven to grow their business. They look to innovate and expand in a number of ways and to optimize their business across many areas. These factors have driven many companies to expand internationally, to extend product offerings, and to offer optimized shopping experiences to all segments of their customers.
The 10.1 release adds key capabilities to allow merchants to expand internationally, as well as enable merchants who are based internationally to use the ATG Commerce business user tools in their native language and cultural format. New capabilities, such as the integration with Coherence, allow merchants to scale to very large catalogs with high performance. The merging of ATG B2B and B2C modules enables B2C retailers to offer optimized shopping solutions to both their B2B and B2C customers and allows B2B companies to offer many of the same features to guide the shopper experience as their B2C counterparts. In summary, the new features of 10.1 allow companies to address broader markets, in different regions and with greater scale.

Monday Apr 16, 2012

What's New 9.1

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What's New 10.0

ATG 10.0  (Cascade) was released December 2010.  This note includes the
What's New Document and the All Products Chart for that version.

What's New 10.0

No All Products Chart was released for this version


Reap the Rewards of a Commerce Anywhere World: The term Commerce Anywhere represents ATG’s view of how to effectively serve the “anytime, anywhere” customer and unify commerce initiatives across channels and devices. With ATG Commerce 10, companies can move from a model of independent, siloed, multi-channel sales processes to a unified cross-channel sales model that creates a highly coordinated customer experience and increases sales. ATG 10 enables you to deliver consistent customer profiles, product content, promotions, and order information in all touch points.

  • Improve the customer experience by empowering customers to shop the way they want, with the help of other consumers, seamlessly across channels, using their favorite devices

  • Increase agility and empower marketers and merchants with the tools to manage the customer experience, promotions, and content, and leverage customer-generated ratings and reviews across multiple sites

  • Implement a future-proof commerce enterprise by arming IT with the software and tools to rapidly build and implement a unified commerce infrastructure and systems

Gain Control, Efficiency, and Speed: Whether your customers are businesses or individuals, ATG 10 gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing customer behaviors to take full advantage of a dynamic and global marketplace. With ATG 10, you can:

  • Merchandise quickly, easily, and effectively to drive profitability

  • Rapidly launch sites for new brands, markets, and even single-purpose campaigns

  • Orchestrate seamless cross-channel buying experiences to improve customer loyalty

  • Use mobile devices and social media to drive sales

  • Expand internationally and target new countries and segments more effectively

Implement and Manage Your Sites with Ease:
New features and powerful tools in ATG 10 will speed implementations and reduce operational costs.

  • Simplify the management of commerce software and applications

  • Improve administrative and operational efficiency
    Increase technical flexibility and agility


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