Enhancing IP Address Management with OCI New Tool – IP Address Insight

May 31, 2024 | 5 minute read
Atefeh (Ati) Yousefi-Attaei
Senior Cloud Engineer | North America Cloud Engineering
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Oracle has launched IP Address Insight for OCI, a free service to improve IP address management.

This tool offers a comprehensive regional view of IP address usage, encompassing Private (IPv4), Oracle allocated Public (IPv4), BYOIP(IPv4), BYOIP(IPv6), Oracle allocated GUA(IPv6) and ULA(IPv6), providing hierarchical visibility into VCNs, subnets, and associated network resources.

It also gains visibility into your public and private IP usage by virtual cloud network (VCN) and subnet, including your utilization.


Let’s start with logging into OCI to discover its features.

From the OCI portal main page, navigate to Networking>IP management> IP Address Insight.


Centralized View

IP Address Insight gives a comprehensive overview of IP addresses used across the tenancy, with detailed information about VCNs, subnets, DNS domains, hostnames, and compartments.


Correlation of addresses

It shows VCN with its private subnet IPv4 addresses and public subnet IPv4 addresses, aiding in resource management.


Utilization Monitoring

IP Address Insight provides insights into IP address utilization to prevent overuse or underuse.


Conflict Detection

It Identifies and resolves overlapping IP address conflicts.


Alarm Management

With this newly added feature, you can set thresholds for IP utilization and receive alerts when thresholds are crossed.

Navigate to Networking > Virtual Cloud Network > VCN > Subnet Details Page and click on Alarms next to the Subnet Information tab.

Please check the screenshots below.


Fill in the required fields.

Note: TopicName must have a leading letter or underscore, followed by zero or more alphanumeric or underscores in any order, each optionally preceded by a single nonconsecutive medial dash.


Note: To receive messages, you must confirm subscriptions. For instructions, see the confirmation request message. Expect email messages from "noreply" at a region-specific domain (example sender: noreply@notification.us-ashburn-1.oci.oraclecloud.com).


Subscription protocols listed below.


IP-11HTTP (Custom URL)










Message Format

In addition to Alarm, you would have different message format types. Check the screenshot below.



Repeat notification

While the alarm is in the firing state, resends notifications at the specified interval.


Resource Search

In the end, it has a search function to quickly find resources by IP address, name, or type.




IP Address Insight on OCI is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring, optimizing IP utilization, and resolving conflicts.

This tool is designed to help with IP address management, ensuring efficient and effective network operations on OCI.


For more information, please check the YouTube video link below, which was recently published by one of my great colleagues, Aditya Rajeev Kulkarni.

OCI IP Address Insights


Reference link.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Atefeh (Ati) Yousefi-Attaei

Senior Cloud Engineer | North America Cloud Engineering

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