Integration in 2024 and Beyond

May 16, 2024 | 1 minute read
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This whitepaper provides a broad, 10,000-foot view of the world of integration in 2024 and beyond. We explore some trends in the industry as well as our view of the current trajectories in integration technology. We include a contemporary use case study to help explore some of the decisions and choices that can be made to accomplish a good integration solution today.

Download the whitepaper

There will be follow-up blog posts expanding on some of the trends and themes from this whitepaper in more technical depth. Links to those posts will be edited into this blog post as they are created.

Authors: Abhay Kumar, Christian Weeks, Dipak Chhablani, Greg Mally, Guy Viney, Nick Montoya, Shreenidhi Raghuram, Shub Lahiri, Siming Mu

Christian Weeks


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